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On Edge computing.Q&A with David Nguyen

Understanding Database Management Concepts

AI and Edge Computing: 7 Ways AI Is Bound to Change the Future

Network Database, Relational DB, and Graph DB Compared

Should you build or buy a DBMS?

Why purchase a prebuilt database when you could develop your own? There are many problems that can arise when you develop your own database storage engine. At first, it may seem simple to just store the information you need in a flat file and let it grow as you develop and use your application. Unfortunately, feature creep can easily cause complications to this design… Q&A with Aker Solutions on RDM

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Intelligence of Things with Raima at MWC Barcelona and Embedded World 2020

Raima comes to FreeRTOS

NO OS Support, New Geospatial Query Types and Optimization

We are continually optimizing RDM and are proud to announce the release of patch 4 of RDM 14.1. It includes a number of bug fixes but more importantly, adds further optimization for the memory usage, performance and usability improvements and new functionality.

Raima Database Manager subsea in Aker Solutions’ Vectus™ 6.0 control system

Aker Solutions and their Award-winning Vectus™ 6.0 control system with Raima Database Manager as a core element was chosen by Chevron Australia to support the delivery of a subsea compression system at the Jansz-Io field, offshore Australia. The first service order under the master contract will be for front-end engineering and design (FEED) of a subsea compression station. The system will boost recovery of gas more cost-effectively and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Raima database manager embedded database 14.1

Raima Releases RDM v14.1 embedded database with support for VxWorks and Wind River Linux

Raima provides an enterprise caliber database with a small footprint, perfectly designed for the Wind River® VxWorks® real-time operating system and …

Raima database manager embedded database 14.1

Raima Releases RDM 14.1, a New Powerful High-Performance Embedded Database Manager

Raima provides an enterprise caliber database with a small footprint.  In this release our clients will find a new set …

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What’s an Embedded Database

Wayne Warren gives a whiteboard presentation on what is an embedded database. Wayne will discuss how embedded computers have evolved …

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What’s New in RDM 14.0

Director of Sales Scott Meder highlights the features of the release of Raima’s newest RDM 14.0 product.

Steinar, Wayne & Scott at embedded world

Video Testimonials

See what experienced developers say about Raima and why they chose RDM data management solutions for their projects. Learn more about features and possibilities in Raima Database Manager, and why it is great choice for all your database needs.

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Video What’s New in RDM v12

The original mandate for RDM version 12 was Performance, Performance, Performance. It turned out to be much more than that… …

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Embedded RDM Database Technology Installed Directly on Mitsubishi

With its Embedded RDM database technology, Raima provides a network database on a local device which has a predictable performance, …

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Overview of Raima Database Manager (RDM) Solutions & Architecture

This video overview covers every aspect of RDM 11.0 including in-memory database support, multi-core capabilities, mirroring, replication, hash indexing, etc.

Product specifications and in-depth technical discussions of database technology and RDM Products.
Connected city with iot devices

Don’t Let Unreliable Data Storage Derail Your IoT Strategy

Competition in the IIoT is unrelenting. Best-in-class IIoT devices offer superior performance, long lifespan, data integrity, and get to market …

Robotic arm with abstract code

Optimize Your Software Stack for Industrial Internet of Things Devices

According to Accenture, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will help companies boost revenues by increasing production, driving innovation and …

Using an Embedded Database to Solve Dynamic Points-of-Interest

This article looks at how commercial of the shelf (COTS) database solutions can be utilized to solve the dynamic point of interest problem.

RDM Server 8.4 Technical Whitepaper

RDM 12.0 Data Sheet

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