RDM 14.0 performs better than any competitor within a multitude of systems and environments. In the industry standard TPC-B test, our disk-based performance is able to process over 2,000+ more transactions than our closest competitors. The following tests are run on an AMD Opteron 6180 SE Dual Core 2.5 GHz 128 GB of DDR3 1800MHz RAM running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise on a Dell H700 SCSI hard drive.

Disk performance illustration

TPC-B RDM vs Competitors – Disk

In the in-memory design, RDM 14.0 performs at more than double the performance with multiple users.

In memory performance illustration

TPC-B RDM vs Competitors – In-Memory

To create such increased efficiency, RDM 14.0 uses a “packed” row format in the database engine. These packs contain byte streams that are both compact and portable across different OS and processor platforms. So, application developers can develop on one platform and deploy on another. This feature alone decreases time to market for enterprise applications.