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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RaimaDB?

RaimaDB is a cross-platform, small-footprint, in-memory database developed for the IoT and the edge market. It is fast and persistent, optimized for performance and reliability. It allows Flash and SSD devices to live longer through fewer writes to the medium, compared to other databases. RaimaDB allows you to link to the Raima library of functions that become a part of the application program.

Is RaimaDB in-memory only?

RaimaDB support pure in-memory storage for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. RaimaDB can also be used in a hybrid, in-memory mode where data loss may not be acceptable.

How much does RaimaDB cost?

RaimaDB licenses software based on the number of applications that will embed the RaimaDB and the number of operating systems required (based on the target OS & processor). Source code is available for an additional fee upon request. If the end application is Cloud-centric runtime licensing will be based on the number of CPU Cores of each hosted server. If the end application is depoyed internal or external, with the Raima database as an embedded component of the application, there are annual subscriptions and buyout options available for runtime licensing. If ongoing technical support is desired, there are annual support options available for an additional fee. Support is based on the number of applications, operating system required (based on the target OS & processor), and the version(s) of the RaimaDB for which support is desired.

To give you the most accurate price, please contact our sales department, [email protected].

Which APIs and programming languages do RaimaDB work with?

RaimaDB supports multiple APIs and programming languages such as C, C++, and ADO.NET for C# programmers, and ODBC and JDBC for Java programmers.

Does RaimaDB provide any visual tools?

RaimaDB have a tool called Raima Control Center, you can access the tool here. RaimaDB can also be used with visualization tools such as Tableau and DBeaver.

What resources are available to help me get started?

RaimaDB Installation:

RaimaDB User’s Guide:

RaimaDB Reference Guide:

RaimaDB code samples:

Where can I find a Trial version of RaimaDB?

You can download a software development kit (SDK) with unlimited functionality here but keep in mind that it is licensed only for evaluation of the product.

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