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Raima Database Manager is used worldwide in a large range of applications within key industries that demand mission-critical grade handling of information. Successful use cases include industrial automation systems, aerospace and defense flight control systems, telecom routers & switches, financial trading systems, medical equipment, data backup solutions, consumer electronic devices and more. Here are some of our customers.

Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions embeds the Raima Database Manager to control the subsea production system and handle high volumes of information gathered from subsea sensors and instruments in their Christmas tree (Oil Well).


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Infor currently embeds RDM within its Cloverleaf application, which is an interoperability platform designed to assist with the receipt and sending of messages which move from one applicable medical software system to another.
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LocalGrid Technologies has partnered with National Instruments to develop a smart grid-ready platform that can be customized to meet the needs of different grid applications. At the heart of the innovative platform is RDM
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RDM is a key component to help deliver capacity and reliability improvements on the Piccadilly Underground line. RDM manages data for real-time display and control in order to optimize visibility of the whole line network in real-time.
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ABB logo

Application: Batch Data Manager

Description: ABB embeds Raima’s RDM database inside their Batch Data Manager solution used in process control for chemical & pharmaceutical plants. This application is used to create Batch control recipes that are compiled, downloaded and then run in ABB’s embedded controllers. The RDM database stores this data.

adva logo

Application: FSP 150 F3 Product Family

Description: ADVA uses Raima database manager within their FSP 150 F3 product family which are Ethernet access products. The database is used to manage configuration data that describes the attributes of users.

Aker solutions logo

Application: "Vectus 6.0 Control System"

Description:  Aker Solutions embeds the Raima RDM database to control the subsea production system and handle high volumes of information gathered from subsea sensors and instruments.  The system needs a performant and robust database to ensure data integrity in the offshore environment.


Application: “Sandbox” – Actuary Product

Description: AIG integrates Raima’s RDM database solution within their “Sandbox” actuary product.  The Raima database is used for configuration management and object storage.


Application: Financial Charging Engine

Description: Amdocs embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their financial charging engine.  The Raima database is used to store billing information for clients that later is displayed on the paper bill that is printed and sent to clients.

Applied materials logo

Application: Master Fab Cluster Controller

Description: The AKT division of Applied Materials uses Raima database manager within their Master Fab Cluster Controller application to manage historical information about notifications and device control history for semiconductor equipment.

ATEMPO_Logo COUL CMJN+Baseline-Zone

Application: Tina & Lina

Description: Atempo preserves data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations globally. Atempo has embedded RDM in its backup solutions. Tina, powerful backup for enterprise data in heterogeneous environments made of virtual and physical servers, and applications. Lina continuous data protection solution for laptops, workstations, and file servers.

Atmel logo

Application: Diffusion Services Application

Description: Atmel embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within an internal diffusion services application collecting trace data like temperature, pressure, etc... in the making of wafers and semiconductor materials.

BAE systems logo

Application: 777 Cabin Management System

Description: BAE embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their 777 CSS Configuration Database Generator application which stores the airlines configuration of the 777 jet for their Cabin Management System. The Raima database stores data used to configure lighting, intercom operability, seat buttons and more.

Beckman coulter logo

Application: UniCel DxC 600 and DxC 800

Description: Beckman uses Raima database manager within their UniCel DxC 600 and DxC 800 Synchron Clinical products to help manage all of the instrument’s vital information from order entry through results reporting including patient data, quality control, calibration, chemistry configuration, instrument setup and operational data.

The Boeing Company

Application: AWACS

Description: RDM is embedded within the Radar electronics system aboard the AWACS providing airborne surveillance and command & control battle management functions for tactical and air defense forces. RDM is used to manage data collected from the antenna on top of the plane. The data is gathering radar pulses and other RF input and signal identification information to help identify the signals of enemy craft and/or other potential concerns in the area.

Boeing Secure Computing Solutions

Application: “Inventory application for the Acalis Sentry product”

Description: Boeing Secure Computing Solutions provides this inventory application supporting their Acalis Sentry embedded app. that will allow customers to keep track of data associated with a part, keep track of what they did to the part, control inventory of the chips sent out, what chips were received, correlate the chip to the board it was installed on when the board returns, then it goes away.


Application: Weighing & Labeling Control System Machines

Description: Cooperativa Bilanciai embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their weighing & labeling control system machines to store machine diagnostic information.


Application: Newsroom Support System

Description: Dow Jones embeds Raima’s database solution within their Newsroom Support System. The database is used as a queue for work flow.

Dun & Bradstreet Logo (PRNewsFoto/Dun & Bradstreet)

Application: DAP/IDR

Description: D&B embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their DAP/IDR Application. This application is used to deploy a rather large index search and cross-reference application to a cloud environment. The database is used to store and build a set of relationships on somewhere of the order of 600 Million to 1-4 Billion entities and about 300GB of data.

echelon logo

Application: LNS

Description: Echelon embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their LNS based network tools as network management software for LonWorks Networks. The Raima database manages peak energy efficiency data for customers to operate at the lowest cost. Data managed includes configuration data, monitoring and control data, diagnostics and more.


Application: FreeFlow DocUS

Description: EFI embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within FreeFlow DocUSP to manage printing and copying jobs for XEROX copiers and printers.

Elbit systems logo

Application: Mission Control Applications

Description: Elbit embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their mission control application. The Raima database provides real-time in-flight data management for airborne systems.


Application: Multikom IP

Description: Elvys uses RDM within their Multikom IP communication system to store information about recorded calls, users activity or GPR positions of digital radio network subscribers. It runs in-memory on their custom realtime OS which was a critical requirement.

Fujitsu logo

Application: FLASHWAVE® Apps

Description: Fujitsu embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their FLASHWAVE Apps which are reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADM) providing three next-generation configurations for flexible network topologies. The Raima database is used to manage configuration data and implement fault-tolerance across blades

GE Power logo

Application: ALSPA ControPlant

Description: GE Power embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their historical data recording application that is part of GE Power mission-critical control systems for power plants. The database collects, stores and manages this critical historical information.


Application: “MHP” - Marine Helicopter Project

Description: General Dynamics Canada embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within the MHP Integrated Mission Data Management System which utilizes the Raima database as a contact file library allowing the military to have a well-organized Mission Data Management System for Mission Preparation and Analysis.

General Dynamics UK

Application: “TIEC” - Tactical Information Exchange Capability Database Agent

Description: General Dynamics UK embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their TIEC database management agent for Innovative Concepts' Improved Data Modem (IDM Technology(r)). IDM Technology(r) supports the exchange of tactical data between airborne applications and ground forces to support enhanced mission execution capability and uses the Raima database to manage this mission-critical content.

Hydril logo

Application: ENSCO 7500 Control System

Description: Hydril embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their ENSCO 7500 offshore drilling control system. The Raima database manages configuration data and stores historical information through a couple applications including a graphical user interface on QNX and on a secondary application on Windows that communicates to an external device and sends and receives data to the RDM database.


Application: Cognos Series 7 BI Software Suite

Description: IBM embeds Raima’s Database Solution within their Cognos Series 7 Business Intelligence Software Suite to provide capabilities such as reporting, analysis, business event management and more.

imagescan logo

Application: RemiTrac

Description: ImageScan embeds Raima’s Database Solution within their RemitTrac application that provides clients with high-speed imaging and an exclusive and innovative workflow management solution to process payment transactions such as checks and their associated remittance advices, stubs or coupons. The Raima database is used to store images and mange payment processing transactions.

Infor icon logo

Application: Cloverleaf 

Description: Cloverleaf is an interoperability platform designed to assist with the receipt and sending of messages which move from one applicable medical software system to another.  Cloverleaf is designed to receive specified messages and to store them in RDM to help ensure message continuity and integrity in the event of unexpected downtime.

Instrumentation Laboratory logo. (PRNewsFoto/Instrumentation Laboratory) (PRNewsFoto/INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY)

Application: ACL Hemostasis Testing Systems Description: Instrumentation Labs embeds Raima’s database solution within their ACL Hemostasis Testing Systems. The database stores and manages patient blood analysis results enabling surgeons to know viscosity of patient’s blood.

Jeppesen logo

Application: OPSControl & WXD

Description: Jeppesen embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their OPSControl flight dispatch product that includes the WXD weather graphing module. The Raima database gathers data on flight schedules, runway analysis, flight routing information and weather data to give pilots access to all types of critical flight information needed to fly the safest and most cost-effective route possible.

Juniper networks logo

Application: Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius (SBR)

Description: Juniper embeds Raima database manager within their Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius (SBR) software application which is a core component of enterprise and service provider networks providing centralized user authentication and access policy management. The Raima database is used as a cache of configuration data and as a solution for storing and managing access information.

Lockheed martin logo

Application: F16 Test Stands & F2 Flight Simulators
Description: RDM is embedded in the F16 pre-flight test stands and is used to store vehicle maintenance status and information gathered from the testing procedures ran by these test stands to help identify necessary repairs needed to conduct the safe flight of the aircraft. Lockheed also embeds RDM within their Ground Based F16 and F2 Flight Simulator OFP (Operations Flight Program). RDM is used to store flight simulation data and parameters.

magellan logo

Application: MAPSEND GPS

Description: Magellan uses Raima database manager within their MAPSEND GPS mapping software and all Magellan PC-based & Embedded Products. The Raima database generates and stores points of interest data and road names.

Uploaded by radmin

Application: Diffusion Services Application

Description: Microchip embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within an internal diffusion services application collecting trace data like temperature, pressure, etc... in the making of wafers and semiconductor materials.

Mitsubishi electric logo

Application: [email protected]

Description: Raima has become part of Mitsubishi’s alliance partnership ecosystem. Mitsubishi ships Raima’s RDM database solution to run on the iQ Platform’s C Controller PLC devices to make Raima’s powerful data management solution available to customers that choose Mitsubishi’s solution.

NCDEX logo

Application: Commodities Trading Application

Description: The National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange of India uses Raima database manager within their commodities Trading Application. The database provides real-time services for their trading application used by their members.


Application: NSE Trading System

Description: The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) embeds Raima’s database solution within their NSE Trading System. The database is used as reliable stock trade data storage.

Ortho clinical diagnostics logo

Application: VITROS product-lines

Description: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company uses Raima’s Database Solution within their VITROS product-lines to store patient fluid results to analyze blood and serum levels.

plato logo

Application: SCIO Software for risk and knowledge management

Description:Plato embeds RDM within the SCIO software for risk and knowledge management. The software is used in Engineering, Manufacturing and QA in the automobile industry to ensure that the most current engineering knowledge is always available to everyone involved and prevents data redundancy. The database is used to manage information used for risk analysis.

Schlumberger logo

Application: “DART” & Application within RX5 Data Acquisition System
Description: Storing measurements of temperature, pressure, gas composition and oil consistency from about 1000 sensors. Data is stored for 3 months, then archived. The results from the incoming data is computed, in real-time, and stored in RDM. The RX5 application running RDM is placed on oil rigs and used to provide offshore drilling services for unconventional oil and gas environments to optimize production and maximize recovery. 

Schneider electric logo

Application: “ezXOS” within OASyS DNA

Description: Schneider Electric embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their EasyXOS Operator Station component which is a customized SCADA HMI interface to Schneider’s OASyS DNA product. The Raima database provides the management of data for how customers manage their displays.


Application: Archidoc

Description: SIAV embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their Archidoc document management system.  The Raima database manages images and document information.


Application: "SIMATIC WinCC SCADA” System

Description: Siemens embeds Raima’s RDM database within their SIMATIC WinCC SCADA System, a scalable process-visualization system with numerous high-performance functions for monitoring automated processes. This system utilizes the Raima solution as its core transaction database.

symantec logo

Application: Desktop and Laptop Option

Description: Symantec embeds Raima’s Database Solution within their Desktop and Laptop Option Applications that are part of their Backup Exec and NetBackup solutions. The DLO Apps deliver continuous data protection to desktops and laptops whether in the office or on the road and the Raima database is used to keep track of messages.


Application: Cloverleaf Finance
Description: Trace Financial embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their Cloverleaf financial application.  The Raima database is used to store financial messaging information for financial institutions.

Transport for London logo

Application: Piccadilly Line Train Following System
Description: RDM is found within sensors communicating with their train transportation system. These sensors detect presence of trains on the railway. Signals and switches generate/gives data about their current state. This raw data gets stored in RDM along with train timetables, train positions, track configuration and more

vmware logo

Application: VCM Center Configuration Manager

Description: VMware uses Raima database manager within their VCM center configuration manager to record and administer device configuration information for network administration.

wonderware logo_1

Application: InBatch

Description: Wonderware embeds Raima’s RDM database solution within their InBatch batch control management software to manage recipes, configuration data and materials

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