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Maintenance and Support

Our Customer Support team is dedicated to provide fast, friendly and effective service. Our support engineers are experts in Raima Database Manager (RDM) products and key related technologies. They have a wealth of information and tools regarding our Raima software products that they can use to assist customers and resolve problems. Fixes to issues encountered by any of our customers are continually collected and then added into patch releases of the product. These patches are provided to all customers so that they can avoid running into those known software problems. Our support engineers act as the customer’s single point of contact to coordinate support efforts with interaction from customer, third-party vendors and our Product Engineering teams.

We offer three different levels of support, customized to your needs of coverage window, response times and customer care benefits:


Database Customer Services Standard Premium Legacy
Online Technical Forum
Online Product Documentation
Online Incident Tracking & Update
Number of Named Callers One(1) Unlimited One(1)
Number of Incidents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Determined Incident Severity Level
Incident Escalation Process Automatic
Patch Distribution No
Critical Patch Notification No
Case history monitoring and analysis No No
Voucher for scheduled 3 day Training Class No No
Remote Consultations including the following:
- Schema Design No No
- Best Practices No No