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Raima Database Manager™ (RDM)

High-Performance Embedded Database Technology

Raima Database Manager (RDM)™ is an embedded, cross-platform, small-footprint, in-memory database developed for the IoT and the edge market. It is fast and persistent, optimized for performance and reliability.

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An optimized in-memory implementation allows for faster transactions and results to support enterprises that need the utmost speed and performance.

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Multi-Core Scalability

Maintain performance as demands on the system increase by adding further resources. Possible through SMP and thread support, plus the capability of scaling on more than one server.

The file format allows direct copy/paste or movement from one device or platform onto another regardless of byte order or architecture differences.

ACID transactions guarantees that when changes to a database record are made, that data is correct and no data is lost.

Fully supports real-time system performance.  RDM has been designed to meet the zero-administration requirements of an embedded application.

Through the use of SymmetricDS, Raima can store data on the edge and easily replicate any of that data to the cloud.

Full featured and enhanced SQL support including SQL PL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.

B-Tree, Hash, R-/R+ Tree, and AVL indexes are fully supported by RDM and available for users.

Automatic encoding and compression uses 25% less disk space on average.

Develop once, deploy anywhere.  Mix and match operating systems without little endian or big endian compatibility issues.

Snapshot isolation allows concurrent reads to the database when write transactions are occurring. RDM takes a frozen image of the current state of the system and that information can be read from without stopping writes.

AES encryption from 128 bit to 256 bit meets market demand for cybersecurity support and gives Raima clients peace-of-mind.

Flexible Licensing Options

RDM Core - This introductory package is typically used in applications designed for edge IoT devices, where performance and footprint are of great importance.  Experience direct access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use low-level cursor C API for ultimate control while also providing a C++ API for object-oriented programming.


RDM Enterprise - This package is perfectly designed for application developers who are familiar with SQL and want to decrease development time.  It is Raima’s complete product package with the full set of features and functionality. The enterprise package is designed for multiple industry standard APIs to connect to third-party tools for purposes such as replication, reporting, analysis, and administration.

Raima Database Manager (RDM)™ at a glance

Functions RDM CoreRDM Enterprise
AES Encryption 128,192, 256 bits
ACID Compliance
Embedded / Real-time Application
Administrative Utilities
Platform Independence
Developer Environment Integration
Automatic Compression
Disk Storage
In-Memory Storage
Support for Dynamic Schema Modifications
Referential Integrity
Two-Phase Commit
Snapshots/Multiversion Concurrency Control(MVCC)
AVL, B-Tree, Hash, R-Tree Indexes
Geospatial Datatypes
3rd Party Utilities
3rd Party Replication
Interfaces and Programming LanguagesRDM CoreRDM Enterprise
Dynamic DDL
d_navigational API
Modern Cursor API
SQL Standard
SQL Arrays
SQL Unions
SQL Inner and Outer Joins
SQL Scrollable Cursors
SQL Triggers
SQL Stored Procedures
ODBC 3.9
JDBC 4.2

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