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Raima Database Manager™ (RDM)

High performance database technology

Raima Database Manager (RDM) is a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a set of libraries and utilities designed to allow rapid development of programs that perform fast and optimized ACID-compliant database transactions. RDM becomes a part of the application program, responsible for the database management requirements. It is quickly, easily configurable to serve either a simple role within a single process in a single computer or a much more sophisticated role in a wide-area network of cooperating computers and processes that share distributed databases.

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RDM was developed with developer ease of use at the forefront. For C developers, the underlying core API of the RDM database is a modern and easy-to-use cursor interface. For pure SQL developers, an extensive SQL supports both SQL PL and stored procedures. RDM also supports the standard interfaces of ODBC (C, C++), ADO.NET (C#) and JDBC (Java), along with the development environments of Microsoft Visual Studio, Apple XCode, Eclipse, Wind River Workbench, QXN Momentics, etc. Developers are never locked out of using the language or interface with which they are most familiar. Raima has dedicated support for any language developers prefer.

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RDM's database file format has undergone a significant redesign. The new format allows direct copy/paste or movement from one device or platform onto another regardless of byte order or architecture differences. This feature lets developers work on any development host they prefer and then deploy the database anywhere. It also facilitates debugging on a more powerful development platform. If a target platform goes down, RDM allows the database to be copied directly onto any other target hardware and pick up right where it left off.

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RDM is the fastest database engine from Raima. It has been redesigned and optimized for both on-disk and in-memory environments with a unique new architecture of the database file format, along with algorithmic optimizations. Every package includes performance examples that show how much faster RDM benchmarks against competitors, for easy comparison and evaluation.

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ACID-Compliance - ACID transactions guarantee that when changes to a database record are made, data is correct and no data is lost.

Compact Data Storage - Automatic encoding and compression uses, on average, 25% less disk space.

Encryption - AES encryption from 128 bit to 256 bit meets market demand for cybersecurity support and gives Raima clients peace of mind.

Embedded/Real-time Application - Fully supports real-time system performance. RDM has been designed to meet the zero-administration requirements of an embedded application.

Fast In-Memory Performance - An optimized in-memory implementation allows for faster transactions and results to support enterprises that need the utmost speed and performance.

In-Memory - Support pure in-memory storage for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. RDM can also be used in a hybrid, in-memory mode where data loss may not be acceptable.

Multi-Core Scalability - Maintain performance by adding further resources as demands on the system increase. Possible through SMP and thread support, plus the capability of scaling on more than one server.

Multiple Indexing Methods - B-Tree, Hash, R-/R+ Tree and AVL indexes are fully supported by RDM and available for users.

Platform Compatibility - Develop once, deploy anywhere. Through Raima´s file format, you can mix and match operating systems and hardware.

Replication from edge to cloud - Through the use of SymmetricDS, Raima can store data on the edge and easily replicate any of that data to the cloud.

Snapshots - Snapshot isolation allows concurrent reads to the database when write transactions are occurring. RDM takes a frozen image of the current state of the system and that information can be read from without stopping writes.

SQL Optimization Support - Fully-featured and enhanced SQL support, including SQL PL, Stored Procedure and Triggers.

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RDM Core provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use low-level cursor C API for ultimate control while also providing a C++ API for object-oriented programming. This is typically used in applications designed for edge IoT devices, where performance and footprint are of great importance.


RDM Enterprise provides not only the core cursor C/C++ APIs and SQL APIs with SQL PL, but also ADO.NET for C#, JDBC for Java, a comprehensive ODBC driver and more. The enterprise package is designed for multiple industry standard API's to connect to third-party tools for purposes such as replication, reporting, analysis, and administration.


RDM SQL provides a powerful industry standard SQL API, along with the SQL Programming Language. This package is suitable for application developers who are familiar with SQL and want to decrease development time.


Examples of industries where RDM is widely deployed

Use Case: Aerospace and Defense Industry

Raima’s databases are found in a wide range of mission critical systems including ground to air communication systems, flight planning systems, radio tower systems, airborne data gathering systems, and hostile vehicle identification systems.
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Use Case: Industrial Automation Industry

Raima’s database technology is implemented in numerous industrial automation systems, ranging from simple batch processing systems to complex turnkey power plant systems. Common across many of these systems is the requirement for real-time data management performance at the controller (device) level.
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Use Case: Telecommunication & Network

Ever since the introduction of Raima’s database technology in the embedded systems market many have utilized our products in their equipment. Adoption of  RDM started with standalone voice and data switches and soon grew as advancements were made to these products.
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