Use Cases

Geo-spatial data & query support

Full geospatial support with advanced query types.

Time-series with FFT

Time series data specification with full transactional and downsampling support.

Data integrity

Zero data loss backed by full ACID compliance.

Small footprint

Only 350k of RAM and minimal CPU speeds required to fully operate.

In-memory database

Faster transactions and results with optimized in-memory implementation.

Embedded database

Unlock the zero-administration requirements of embedded applications.


Gain peace-of-mind with AES encryption from 128 to 256 bit.

Edge-to-Cloud replication

Store data on the edge and easily replicate information to RDM or the cloud.

Hardware compatibility

Develop once, deploy anywhere with direct movement from one device to another.

Platform Compatibility

Run RDM on any platform or without an OS in a barebones configuration.

Developer direct support

Fast, friendly, and effective service with free support during evaluation.

Extensive SQL Support

Enhanced SQL support including SQL PL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.

Programming interfaces

Compatibility with visual yools you’re familiar with through JDBC API.

Client-server configuration

Securely deliver data from a centralized location.

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