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Whether you’re building the future of transportation or providing essential medical services, unlock real-time decision-making capabilities with the fastest and most reliable embedded database out there.

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Aerospace & Defense

Move, store, and action your data with minimal footprint and maximum security, every step of the way. Access the power of high performance, geo-spatial enabled databases to help get the hard jobs done.


Keep your vehicles going and your passengers safe. Manage massive amounts of data with minimal hardware requirements so you can make the most out every bit and byte.


From patient records to test results, empower your network to provide the best care possible with the most secure and reliable embedded data management system for the healthcare industry.

Industrial Automation

Keep your operations moving full time. Leverage preventative maintenance and high performance data management to keep your operations moving as fast as possible with minimal downtime.

Energy & Natural Resources

Automate data movement without overloading your data fabric pipeline. Keep an eye on your system at every touch-point in the network.

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