Telecom & Networking

Next generation solutions require next level support. From 5G edge nodes to routers and switches, RDM is the database engine that won’t let you down.

Why Raima

Move & use data faster

Manage your data with near-zero latency. If your data moves faster, your whole application runs faster. Enable real-time decision-making with the fastest database engine for mission-critical applications.

Trust your database

Unrivaled stability & industry standard roll-back recovery — make decisions faster at the source, ensuring your data is always available, and never lose connection again.

Never manage data alone

From on-boarding to technical support, partner with a team that always goes the extra mile to ensure your project stays up and running and under budget.

Get started in minutes

Hit the ground running with quick onboarding and an intuitive interface so you can pack more functionality into every bit with minimal code requirements.


Mission-critical data flow for real-time decision-making

Transfer data and capture intelligence with the dependability your application requires. Leverage high performance data management so you can keep every node in your network connected

With great power, comes great security

Data security should be the last thing you have to worry about . Move data safely with industry standard protocols and manual data transfer to keep your information on lock down.

High performance, low footprint

Keep your processing power free to pack more functionality into your applications. Utilize low footprint database configurations without sacrificing flexible, secure, and performant data communication.

Get started with Raima Database Manager today

Easily migrate to RDM today with our detailed documentation and expert support.