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RaimaDB 16.0 Tomorrow’s embedded database

Fast and flexible in-memory database — so you can keep product development moving at top speed with a full suite of features.


Your data, your way


  • Maintaining parameters, configurations, recipes for manufacturing processes
  • Logging events, errors, alarms from systems and processes
  • Live data capture

Aerospace & Defense

  • Flight reconnaissance  systems
  • Tactical information
  • Mission planning
  • Live situational analysis
  • Live data capture


  • Live data capture
  • Location data
  • Condition monitoring
  • Infotainment
  • POI
  • Repair estimation


  • Medical testing equipment
  • Patient data
  • Device messaging
  • Blood analysis

Industrial Automation

  • Display customization
  • Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance
  • System optimization
  • Supplier Relationship Management & Supply Chain Performance

Why Raima

Move & use data faster

Manage your data with near-zero latency. If your data moves faster, your whole application runs faster. Enable real-time decision-making with the fastest database engine for mission-critical applications.

Trust your database

Unrivaled stability & industry standard roll-back recovery — make decisions faster at the source, ensuring your data is always available, and never lose connection again.

Never manage your data alone

From onboarding to technical support, partner with a team that always goes the extra mile to ensure your project stays up and running and under budget.

Get started in minutes

Hit the ground running with quick onboarding and an intuitive interface so you can pack more functionality into every bit with minimal code requirements.

RaimaDB APIs 

Simple, easy to use, and quick to implement. See for yourself.


Small Footprint

RaimaDB needs only 350k of RAM and minimal CPU speeds to fully operate. With more power in the system, RaimaDB will fully utilize it all to perform even faster but that is not required.

Compact data storage

Automatic encoding and compression use 25% less disk space on average. You can also leverage our vacuuming.

Fast in-memory performance

Optimized in-memory implementation allows for faster transactions and results to support enterprises that need the utmost speed and performance. 



Embedded / Real-time database

Fully supports real-time system performance. RaimaDB has been designed to meet the zero-administration requirements of an embedded application.

Secure and reliable

AES encryption from 128-bit to 256-bit meets market demand for cybersecurity support and gives Raima clients peace of mind. 

Edge-to-Cloud replication

Through the use of SymmetricDS, Raima can store data on the edge and easily replicate that data to RDM or any cloud database.


Tomorrow’s embedded data management solution


Flexible Options. Source or Object code. Startup to Enterprise.

Raima has always made the RaimaDB source code available at a reasonable cost. Raima and its experienced developers are proud of this code and don’t mind if you take a peek, or even step through it in your own debugging system. Source code comes complete with project files necessary for you to build it yourself.

Since RaimaDB can be freely downloaded and licensed for application development at a very low entry fee until it is ready to deploy, and with source code availability, there is very little cost difference between Raima’s commercial licensing and Open Source with support or for commercial use.


Work easily with Raima admin interface

Use the Visual Tools you’re familiar with through our extensive API support. View and edit your data, insert mock-data, edit and build SQL queries on a simple, user-focused interface.


Dedicated support team

Our Customer Support team is dedicated to providing fast, friendly and effective service. We also provide free support during your evaluation process to help you get the most out of RaimaDB.

Time series with FFT

Custom generated time series support. Users can specify time series data with full transactional support and downsampling of data. Also FFT support for data transformations.

Platform compatibility

Develop once, deploy anywhere. The file format allows direct copy/paste or movement from one device or platform onto another regardless of byte order or architecture differences. RaimaDB can even run without an OS in a barebones configuration. Learn more.

ACID compliance

ACID transactions guarantee that when changes to a database record are made, that data is correct and no data is lost. Learn more.

Multiple indexing methods

B-Tree, Hash, R-/R+ Tree, and AVL indexes are fully supported by RaimaDB and available for users. Indexing with RaimaDB.

Fast in-memory performance

Full featured and enhanced SQL support including SQL PL, Stored Procedures and Triggers. Learn more.

Get started with RaimaDB today

Easily migrate to RaimaDB today with our detailed documentation and expert support.