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Automotive & Transportation

The future of transportation will require the movement of terabytes of data with sub-millisecond latency. Harness the power of your vehicles’ data with a database built to keep your development moving.

Raima offers a highly compact and optimized database storage engine for the various problems present in Automotive.  With a vast array of data coming in from a variety of sources within the car, Raima’s extremely high performance allows it all to be ingested, processed and stored all within the milliseconds available. Particularly in an ADAS system, microsecond delays in data could lead to unfortunate accidents or even worse, death. 

Why Raima

Move & use data faster

Manage your data with near-zero latency. If your data moves faster, your whole application runs faster. Enable real-time decision-making with the fastest database engine for mission-critical applications.

Trust your database

Unrivaled stability & industry standard roll-back recovery — make decisions faster at the source, ensuring your data is always available, and never lose connection again.

Never manage data alone

From on-boarding to technical support, partner with a team that always goes the extra mile to ensure your project stays up and running and under budget.

Get started in minutes

Hit the ground running with quick onboarding and an intuitive interface so you can pack more functionality into every bit with minimal code requirements.


Low footprint with big impact

More data doesn’t have to mean more disk space. RDM can be optimized to run with minimal storage requirements so you can process big data with a smaller footprint — and pack more into every application.

Supercharge your data

Vehicles need to process huge amounts of data from countless sensors to keep their passengers moving safely. Leverage high performance data flow with geospatial and time series capabilities so you can manage all of your vehicle’s information in real-time.

Embed and forget

Spend less time on database maintenance and more time developing next-gen ways to move the world. Access an independent database with minimal administrative requirements so you can put your resources where they matter most.

Get started with Raima Database Manager today

Easily migrate to RDM today with our detailed documentation and expert support.