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Industrial Automation

Access a magnitude of information in real-time to help automate your industrial operations so you can keep production moving at full speed.

The factory floor is producing more and more data every day, increasing the importance of a reliable and secure data storage system.  The storage and processing of all the data allows for the company to increase productivity and reduce costs in multiple areas from preventative maintenance to downtime reduction.  Advanced features from RaimaDB like time series automatic data aggregation and outlier alarm information make the process of data management simple and straightforward.  In addition, the administrative REST API provides a quick realtime look at the data on any device. 

Why Raima

Move & use data faster

Enable real-time decision-making with the fastest database engine for mission-critical applications.

Trust your database

Unrivaled stability & industry standard roll-back recovery — make decisions faster at the source, ensuring your data is always available, and never lose connection again.

Never manage data alone

From on-boarding to technical support, partner with a team that always goes the extra mile to ensure your project stays up and running and under budget.

Get started in minutes

Hit the ground running with quick onboarding and an intuitive interface so you can pack more functionality into every bit with minimal code requirements.


Real-time data flow for real-time decision-making

Your system runs around-the-clock, your data should be able to keep up. Access a fast and reliable database solution that keeps your data moving and doesn’t slow you down.

Find the line between efficiency and effectiveness

Efficient systems deserve efficient development. Save critical development time and resources with a database that’s ready to integrate.

Let RDM do the heavy lifting

Prolong the lifespan of your company’s assets and infrastructure with a powerful database that enables preventive maintenance throughout your system.

Get started with RaimaDB today

Easily migrate to RaimaDB today with our detailed documentation and expert support.