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Patient care is constantly on the move with new and evolving medical systems. Access your data when you need it to provide 24/7 data availability with little to no maintenance.

Raima provides an extremely high throughput data storage engine.  Modern medical technology has the ability to capture massive amounts of data in order to give accurate medical analysis.  There is a need for all the data to be safely and securely stored for processing, particularly in life or death situations and thus, the data storage engine must be able to keep up with the incoming data. 

Why Raima

Move & use data faster

Enable real-time decision-making with the fastest database engine for mission-critical applications.

Trust your database

Unrivaled stability & industry standard roll-back recovery — make decisions faster at the source, ensuring your data is always available, and never lose connection again.

Never manage data alone

From on-boarding to technical support, partner with a team that always goes the extra mile to ensure your project stays up and running and under budget.

Get started in minutes

Hit the ground running with quick onboarding and an intuitive interface so you can pack more functionality into every bit with minimal code requirements.


Patient data — secured

Your patients’ data matters. Keep records secure with a database that ensures confidentiality at every step so you and your staff can focus on providing world-class medical care.

Faster data for faster results

When lives are on the line, database performance matters. Access patient records and test results as soon as they’re available with a database built to move data fast.

Access your data, when and where you need it

It’s all about up-time. If you cant access your data when you need it, it can slow your whole system down. Leverage around-the-clock reliability so your staff can have the information they need at the ready.

Get started with RaimaDB today

Easily migrate to RaimaDB today with our detailed documentation and expert support.