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RDM V12 Technical Whitepaper

RDM 11.0 What’s New

Sep 04, 2012
There are some new features such as enhanced SQL support, extended interoperability and Objective C support for iOS developers.

RDM Server 8.4 What’s New

Sep 4, 2012
RDM Server updated version 8.4. There are a couple of new features that will help developers speed up their applications and create applications in a .NET environment.

Optimizing RDM Server Performance

This article helps users to boost the performance of their RDM-based application. Included are suggested ways to modify the initialization parameters, achieving higher performance without having to modify your application code.

RDM 11 Architecture and Features Whitepaper

March 14, 2012
RDM 11′s packages, APIs and utilities can be employed in countless combinations, assuming the responsibility for data collection, storage, management and movement. Programmers using RDM 11 can focus on their specialty rather than worry about managing their data.

Declared Foreign and Primary Keys in RDM Embedded® SQL

Posted by Randy Merilatt on March 05, 2012
Network model databases have been viewed as strictly non-relational and outdated. But in the 1990s when the SQL standard incorporated support for declared foreign keys to represent inter-table relationships, the gap between the relational and the network model representation of a database narrowed. This was exploited by Raima in RDM Server (RDMs) with the introduction of the create join statement that allowed an SQL foreign and primary key relationship to be explicitly mapped into a network model set.

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