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Raima announces a beta version of new in-memory database that is optimized for future real time applications

Raima is excited to release its new in-memory database platform, says Chief Executive Officer, Steinar Sande.

Raima Database Manager (RDM) version 14.0 has the potential to transform and ensure business critical applications that are in need for real time responses to stay competitive.

With Raima´s brand new RDM 14.0 In Memory database enterprises will get real time answers with transactions 40x-100x faster than regular disk, while utilizing the most optimal storage media either through our hybrid or pure In Memory database support.

Other RDM 14.0 benefits:

Raima Database Manager will make it possible for application to be available on any platform. Our clients can develop on one platform and deploy on any platform. The developer using RDM will be independent of the software architecture, allowing databases to be directly copied between the different platforms being CPU/processor or OS platform.

Raima Database Manager reduces the amount of application rebuilding or reinstallation by the platform independent file format that would otherwise be necessary.

Raima Database Manager makes it possible to consolidate a legacy database, data processing, and application capabilities onto a common platform, this eliminates multiple points of failure.

The new RDM has extended its SQL support and in this version supports SQL/PL. SQL are familiar access methods used by many developers in the industry to utilize business critical information to be used for e.g. business analytic purposes.
RDM 14.0 supports compression that takes less disk space.

RDM 14.0 support encryption through AES 128-bit – 256-bit support. Raima database solutions are used throughout the world to solve data recording, formatting, storage and transmission challenges; be that big data at high speeds, remote data with low power availability, local storage issues where in-memory solutions are needed or cross platform requirements.

This is a beta version and we want your feedback.

Check it out here RDM
Or request a download here

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