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Don’t Let Unreliable Data Storage Derail Your IoT Strategy

Competition in the IIoT is unrelenting. Best-in-class IIoT devices offer superior performance, long lifespan, data integrity, and get to market ahead of their competition. By understanding how the components in your soft­ware stack work together and reducing redundant operations, you can improve system ef­ficiency and performance without sacrificing reliability.

Mentor Graphics, Raima, and Datalight have collaborated to define, measure, and improve data management performance and reliability for IIoT devices. This webinar dives into the technical details behind the white paper published at

Most file systems do not comply with ACID properties and therefore databases must take steps to ensure the Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability of transactions. This often results in redundant writes which can lead to premature media failure. Our testing shows that using a transactional, copy-on-write file system ensures ACID compliance with­out redundant writes. We will use Mentor Graphics Sourcery Analyzer to look analyze storage performance data. Sourcery™ Analyzer is a powerful embedded design analysis solution that combines unique profiling and analysis engine with data visualization capabilities.

Ultimately, the customer benefits with an optimized software stack that offers a quick-to-market solution, improved warranty costs, and better business outcomes.

What You Will Learn

  • Why a transactional file system delivers more efficient operation
  • How the right configuration choices protect vulnerable flash memory-based storage
  • How to leverage a database to improve decision making efficiency
  • What Mentor Graphics Sourcery Analyzer will show you about your storage usage
  • How simple instrumentation added to the filesystem can expose opportunities for improvement

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