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Time Series in RDM 15.0

In this whitepaper, we will first take a look at a high-level view of time series before diving into specifics for RDM. Time series is a data model for data that is collected periodically over some time. The data will typically be indexed, listed, analyzed, and graphed. There are mainly two domains for time series,…

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Don’t Let Unreliable Data Storage Derail Your IoT Strategy

Connected city with iot devices

Competition in the IIoT is unrelenting. Best-in-class IIoT devices offer superior performance, long lifespan, data integrity, and get to market ahead of their competition. By understanding how the components in your soft­ware stack work together and reducing redundant operations, you can improve system ef­ficiency and performance without sacrificing reliability. Mentor Graphics, Raima, and Datalight have…

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Optimize Your Software Stack for Industrial Internet of Things Devices

Robotic arm with abstract code

According to Accenture, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will help companies boost revenues by increasing production, driving innovation and transforming their workforce. Conservative estimates place spending on the IIoT worldwide at $500 billion by 2020. GE calculated the economic impact of just a 1 percent cost savings across industrial segments at $276 billion. What…

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