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RaimaDB, a real-time database for Autosar

With the rapidly changing technology of the automotive world, there needs to exist some software guidelines in place for the safety of the driver and passengers.  The open standard for software architecture called AUTOSAR was created to solve this problem.  It is a development partnership of numerous consortium members in the Automotive field. 

There also exists a very stringent standard called ISO26262 which contains the utmost safety requirements but it is very time-consuming and difficult to achieve.  Thus, an intermediary standard was created in AUTOSAR.  It allows for more standardization of the ECU interface and lets the engineer create/use re-usable and standardized software layers and components inside of the ECU.  By meeting these AUTOSAR standards, the product would be well on its way to full ISO26262 certification.  As this is a software standard, it ends up being completely hardware independent and would function across any ECU. This will let the software be easier to test and more compatible. 



Raima has a fully featured embeddable database product designed for the embedded automotive use case.  It is fully optimized for ECU and ECU-to-ECU communications with a focus on complying with both MISRA C/C++ 2012 and the Autosar standard.  Additionally, work has been done to ensure that RaimaDB’s features fully work on the Autosar Classic platform while still following all the stringent safety guidelines.

You can read more about RaimaDB’s Automotive use cases here and if you are ready to get started you can download a free trial of RaimaDB here. 

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