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Raima Database Manager Explained in 90 seconds


5G will bring about an increase to the speed with which data can and will be sent. Due to this increased ability to send data, IoT devices will start to be equipped with more and more sensors. Old database technologies will not be able to support the real-time processing necessary for this large amount of gathered IOT sensor data and this is where an RDM database technology can fulfill that need.

RDM has been designed for high throughput and processing while also being capable of running on low powered edge devices. Processing data on these edge devices is important to allow for instant decision making without the required network latency of a cloud database. In addition, storing and processing data on the edge will reduce the cost of transferring and storing data in the cloud.

RDM empowers the business decision maker to make smart real-time decisions at the millisecond level and to allow for cloud data storage and scalability for BI purposes. That is why RDM is trusted by some of the world’s leading companies to power real-time decision making and intelligent edge solutions.


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