Raima Database Manager Explained in 90 seconds

Transcript 5G will bring about an increase to the speed with which data can and will be sent. Due to this increased ability to send data, IoT devices will start to be equipped with more and more sensors. Old database technologies will not be able to support the real-time processing necessary for this large amount…

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Raima Database Manager (RDM) In 7 Minutes

Scott Meder presenting RDM

Manager Scott Meder gives a presentation of RDM in 7 minutes. Transcripts:  In today’s IoT world massive amounts of data are being generated from so many different sources.  These edge applications require a database that is capable of collecting these large volumes of information; Storing that data reliably; Providing intuitive methods for managing and navigating…

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Advantages & Disadvantages of an In-Memory Database

Screenshot of jeff

Lead Engineer Jeff Parsons discusses the advantages and disadvantages of in-memory databases. Jeff uses the ACID principles as the core for his comparison. Also learn what Raima provides as a data management in-memory solution.   Transcripts I would like to discuss the advantages together with the disadvantages of what we call “in memory databases“. First of all, what is…

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What’s an Embedded Database

Wayne Video Thumbnail

Wayne Warren gives a whiteboard presentation on what is an embedded database. Wayne will discuss how embedded computers have evolved over the years to be able to handle more serious data management functionality.   Transcripts Hi, I’m Wayne Warren, the Chief Technology Officer here at Raima, and I’d like to talk about embedded databases. We…

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