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Advantages & Disadvantages of an In-Memory Database

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Lead Engineer Jeff Parsons discusses the advantages and disadvantages of in-memory databases. Jeff uses the ACID principles as the core for his comparison. Also learn what Raima provides as a data management in-memory solution.   Transcripts I would like to discuss the advantages together with the disadvantages of what we call “in memory databases“. First of all, what is…

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What’s an Embedded Database

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Wayne Warren gives a whiteboard presentation on what is an embedded database. Wayne will discuss how embedded computers have evolved over the years to be able to handle more serious data management functionality.   Transcripts Hi, I’m Wayne Warren, the Chief Technology Officer here at Raima, and I’d like to talk about embedded databases. We…

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Video Testimonials

Steinar, Wayne & Scott at embedded world

See what experienced developers say about Raima and why they chose RDM data management solutions for their projects. Learn more about features and possibilities in Raima Database Manager, and why it is great choice for all your database needs.

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Video What’s New in RDM v12

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The original mandate for RDM version 12 was Performance, Performance, Performance. It turned out to be much more than that… Some of our Raima engineers speak up about a few of the new features that were released in RDM Version 12.0. New Database Cursors, Enhanced SQL Optimization, Memory Limitation on embedded devices, Larger Key Size…

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