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DB VISTA and Raima’s Customer-Driven Mindset

From the get go, our database products were designed to be tightly integrated with the application. So it was an embeddable database system and it was very good in that kind of a situation. It provided high performance and it was very friendly for C programmers to use in their applications.

This is the script of Randy Merilatt’s Video on Youtube talking about DB VISTA which led to Raima’s customer-driven success. DB VISTA is now the popular product, RDM Embedded.

DB VISTA was used in an application by ROLM Corporation that was a telephone switch configuration tool. It was placed on an application that was on luggable computers where salespeople would talk with customers and they would configure their telephone switch using this software that used our database technology. That early relationship with Rome helped us to fashion the product that led to contracts with IBM and other companies that funded some of the product development and that’s how we were able to grow the products.

The early days where we worked closely with customers to help fashion the product, design it and add features to it, specifically addressed customer needs. It is something we still do at Raima and it is still very important to us. This is very much a customer-oriented and customer-driven company and our products are designed to work well with our customer needs. This is one reason why I love working here, why I love Raima. It’s the opportunity to meet customers building real important applications. Today, primarily, in the embedded systems world, companies need a small-footprint database that we offer, needs to be able to tightly integrate it with the application and needs a company that can respond to their specific needs. I really enjoy working with customers and Raima is a great place to work because of that philosophy that we have.

Click here to view Randy’s Youtube video.

Randy Merilatt is one of the founders of Raima, along with Wayne Warren. These two have kept the organization focused on customer needs and continue to innovate the embedded database industry, just as they did in 1984 with DB VISTA. DB VISTA is now RDM Embedded and has many new features. Velocis was Raima’s Client/Server solution and now it is named RDM Server which has also been upgraded substantially.

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