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NO OS Support, New Geospatial Query Types and Optimization

We are continuously improving and optimizing RaimaDB to meet today’s IoT market demands on the edge. Our primary vision is to build an edge platform, which is fast, reliable, scalable and secure. This new update has a vast number of improvements including optimization of memory usage, performance, and ease of use improvements, new functionality, and many bug fixes. With today´s announcement RaimaDB is now faster, more flexible, easier to use and has predictable memory usage. The update will enable edge applications to be more intelligent and fully autonomous.


Predictable Memory Usage

Although today’s applications have more memory available, they still demand more and more memory to run. So, it is important that your database gives predictable memory usage over time and also can have all the needed memory allocated up front. It is even more important when you have applications on the edge where the physical memory often constrains a system. With this update, the potential memory growth is heavily reduced in the typical workload scenario, and the memory usage will stay stable throughout the application’s lifetime. The RaimaDB memory footprint now only requires ~350kb of RAM when it starts up.


Double Transaction Throughput

Our engineering team has also refactored our internal engine data structures which have resulted in more than doubling the transaction speed.


New Geospatial Query Types

The update also comes with the addition of point and line query types for the RaimaDB geospatial support.


No OS/Barebones Support

We have added support for running on systems with no dependencies on an operating system. Internally, the code no longer requires any C library operations. This allows for the RaimaDB product to very quickly and easily be ported to any board or system, regardless of whether or not it has an operating system.  The whole RaimaDB development/test system can be run on it, guaranteeing full compatibility.  If you want more details of the testing process, they can be followed and found here:  RaimaDB can now run on essentially anything with the basic components of a computer.

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