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Intelligence of Things with Raima at MWC Barcelona and Embedded World 2020

Raima, a premium provider of high-performance database technology, will be present at MWC Barcelona in Spain the 24th and 25th of February and Embedded World in Germany the 26th and 27th of February 2020.

Raima’s technical and commercial specialists will be on hand at Stand 8.1A11 in Digital Planet Hall 8.1 at MWC Barcelona and around Embedded World to talk about IoT Edge and 5G.

  • Edge analytics. Devices on the edge are becoming more powerful and capable as time progresses and by using RDM on such a device, the developer is able to store massive amounts of data but also do processing and analytics on the device instead of sending the data to a more powerful cloud computing machine. RDM enables very rapid storage and retrieval of data and frees up the limited processing power of the edge device to make intelligent decisions on that data in real time.


  • 5G. As these edge devices become more prolific, there is also the new technology of 5G coming into play. 5G will be the enabler for these devices to be able to easily and quickly communicate with each other and with centralized data servers to aggregate all of the produced data.  This ease of connectivity greatly benefits a database engine that can run on both the edge devices and more powerful machines to allow for easy transfer of data.  RDM is exactly such an optimized database engine.


  • IoT applications that can improve operational efficiency. Today, most manufacturers deal with highly sophisticated equipment that uses sensors and embedded software to support their plants. When a machine goes down, it can cost a manufacturer millions of dollars every hour, and in some cases, every minute. With IoT sensors, streaming, machine-learning and in-memory technologies, manufacturers are able to track machines every minute, or even every second, in order to predict if any machine is likely to fail, as well as to determine which parts or resources might be needed for repairs if a breakdown does occur. With Raima’s long experience in the real-time database market, the IoT devices going online to present live data will benefit from RDM’s ability to provide real-time data and condition monitoring – thus delivering quicker health diagnostics or real-time traffic information.


Join Raima at MWC Barcelona and Embedded World to learn about the data management architecture of the future.


About Raima

Raima is a Seattle-based database company that has designed and developed the Raima Database Manager (RDM) designed to manage big data consumed from AI and edge computing applications.

Raima´s high-profile clients such as Boeing, General Electric, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Schlumberger, the National Stock Exchange of India and others have provided instrumental input during the design and development process of RDM.  As a result, Raima has developed an RDM solution which is the answer to real-time processing of data on the millions of edge devices deployed throughout the IoT world.  Companies can now solve business problems that could not be addressed before because they were not receiving responses in a timely fashion with current data.  Time-sensitive data generated in close proximity to the point of origin is immediately gathered, summarized, commutated and processed in near real-time with RDM at the core.  This means delayed responses to critical decisions is a thing of the past.  Within milliseconds, decisions are made.  And when less time-sensitive information is gathered from the source, RDM can make those intelligent decisions deciding what really needs to happen now and what can wait.  It can replicate the less time-sensitive data up into the main cloud system at the moment a solid network connection is available.  This data can then be used for historical analysis, big data analytics and long-term storage.  Meanwhile, RDM is running on the edge 24/7 and without any administration required continuing to make things happen when and where it counts.  RDM is the secure, multi-platform and durable missing piece to an efficient and productive IoT edge computing architecture.  RDM will save customers time and money in all key aspects of their IoT edge application.  Raima feels confident that we are delivering a world-class turn-key solution our competitors simply can’t match.

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