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Video What’s New in RDM v12

The original mandate for RDM version 12 was Performance, Performance, Performance. It turned out to be much more than that…


Some of our Raima engineers speak up about a few of the new features that were released in RDM Version 12.0. New Database Cursors, Enhanced SQL Optimization, Memory Limitation on embedded devices, Larger Key Size Limit, Non-Repeatable Reads without locks, Bulk Insert API, Encryption, Shared Memory Protocol, New Data Types, Log Notification API. Check out our full feature list.


Lars Pedersen: RDM 12 introduces a new C interface and database cursors, an API for programmers simplifying CRUD operations in your code.

Wayne Warren: The version 12 SQL optimizer uses statistics gathered from the database to generate execution plans which are quite a bit faster.

Jay Edgar: On embedded devices, developers often need to control the exact memory usage of all parts of their system. RDM version 12 facilitates this by allowing the developer to specify the maximum memory size and optionally, the exact buffer that the database system will use.

Bill Houglum: RDM 12 has eliminated key length restrictions. Developers can now control the key size through their schema definition.

Wayne Warren: Another new feature, is what we call “non-repeatable reads”, which allow you to do reading from the database without applying any locks. Locks that don’t interfere with any updates that are going on; locks that you don’t have to wait for to do very fast reading. So the overall system throughput is much higher.

Jay Edgar: The version 12 bulk insert API allows the developer to efficiently insert large numbers of rows.

Lars Pedersen: Data is incredibly valuable. RDM ensures your data security requirements with database encryption.

Bill Houglum: RDM 12 significantly improves performance with remote clients through the addition of a shared memory communication transport.

Jay Edgar: In version 12 we’ve added a date, time and timestamp along with the BCD and GUI data types. While, all these could be done before, it wasn’t natively, and now it’s much more efficient and it’s the same across all the interfaces.

Wayne Warren: Through version 12, we now have the ability to receive and read notification logs that are created every time one process commits the transaction and given to every process that has subscribed to that transaction. So that it acts as a notification; you receive these as soon as they happen, so that you can respond.

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