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RaimaDB and QNX Forge a Powerful Partnership in Embedded Systems

July 8th, 2024 – In the rapidly evolving world of embedded systems, the demand for reliable, efficient, and scalable solutions is paramount. This is where RaimaDB and QNX, a division of BlackBerry, come into play. Together, they form a robust foundation for developing high-performance applications across various verticals, from automotive and industrial automation to medical devices and telecommunications.


RaimaDB: Pioneering Embedded Database Solutions

RaimaDB, a leading high-performance embedded database, is designed to meet the stringent demands of embedded systems. Its lightweight architecture and fast data processing capabilities make it ideal for resource-constrained environments. Key features include:
• Lightweight and Fast: Optimized for minimal footprint and high-speed data processing.
• ACID Compliance: Ensures data integrity and reliability.
• Multi-core Support: Enhances performance using modern multi-core processors.
• Real-time Data Management: Facilitates timely data handling and analysis.
• Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports various operating systems for flexible deployment.
• From the edge to the cloud: From the edge to the cloud: RaimaDB enables clients to push data between QNX targets, from the edge to a cloud, using either third-party replication or RaimaDB’s proprietary replication technology.
• Cybersecurity: Raima enables clients to have stronger cybersecurity protection through Raima’s encryption functionality and SSL support.
• Standards: RaimaDB fully follows the MISRA C++’12/AUTOSAR14 development standard for utmost safety.


QNX: The Benchmark in Embedded Operating Systems

QNX® is renowned for its unmatched reliability, security, and performance in embedded operating systems. Its key features include:
• Microkernel Architecture: High reliability and security by isolating critical components.
• Real-time Performance: Deterministic response times for time-sensitive applications.
• Safety Certifications: Compliance with industry standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.
• Security: Robust features to protect against cyber threats.
• Scalability: Supports a wide range of hardware platforms.


A Synergistic Partnership

The integration of RaimaDB with QNX creates a formidable solution for developing embedded systems, offering:
• Enhanced Performance: Combines RaimaDB’s high-speed data processing with the QNX operating system’s real-time performance.
• Reliability and Integrity: Allows for robust data integrity and system reliability.
• Real-time Data Processing: Ideal for applications requiring immediate data response.
• Security and Safety: Meets stringent safety and security standards.


Expanding Horizons in Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems

The collaboration between RaimaDB and QNX extends its impact into the mobile robotics category, including UAVs, drones, and autonomous vehicles. These systems require robust, real-time data processing and reliability to navigate complex environments and perform critical tasks efficiently. Together, RaimaDB and QNX provide an out-of-the-box platform that integrates seamlessly into an ecosystem of advanced mobile robotics solutions.


Application Verticals

Automotive: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), infotainment systems, and V2X communication benefit from real-time processing, reliability, and security features.

Industrial Automation: Real-time control and monitoring are crucial. The scalability of RaimaDB and QNX allows deployment from small machinery to large factory floors.

Medical Devices: Suitable for patient monitoring systems, diagnostic equipment, and surgical robots, ensuring timely data processing and robust security for sensitive data.

Telecommunications: Manages large data volumes and real-time processing in network management systems, communication infrastructure, and IoT devices.


Join the Ecosystem

The partnership between RaimaDB and QNX is more than a technological integration; it’s an invitation to join a thriving ecosystem. Together, we are building a platform that supports innovation and excellence in embedded systems.


For more information on how RaimaDB and QNX can enhance your embedded solutions, please contact:

Scott Meder
Director of Sales at Raima
[email protected]


About RaimaDB
RaimaDB is a high-performance embedded database solution provider, offering robust and efficient data management for embedded systems.

Media contact:
Fredrik Sande
Marketing Manager
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