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How to Get Started Using RDM on Windows

Our Director of Engineering and QA, David Nguyen guides you through how to install and run the examples included in…

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Raima Database Manager Explained in 90 seconds

Transcript 5G will bring about an increase to the speed with which data can and will be sent. Due to…

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Scott Meder presenting RDM

Raima Database Manager (RDM) In 7 Minutes

Manager Scott Meder gives a presentation of RDM in 7 minutes. Transcripts:  In today’s IoT world massive amounts of data…

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Advantages & Disadvantages of an In-Memory Database

Lead Engineer Jeff Parsons discusses the advantages and disadvantages of in-memory databases. Jeff uses the ACID principles as the core…

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Wayne Video Thumbnail

What’s an Embedded Database

Wayne Warren gives a whiteboard presentation on what is an embedded database. Wayne will discuss how embedded computers have evolved…

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Raima logo with industry pictures in background

What’s New in RDM 14.0

Director of Sales Scott Meder highlights the features of the release of Raima’s newest RDM 14.0 product.

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