Raima Database Manager (RDM) In 7 Minutes

By Raima | April 17, 2018

Manager Scott Meder gives a presentation of RDM in 7 minutes. Transcripts:  In today’s IoT world massive amounts of data are being generated from so many different sources.  These edge applications require a database that is capable of collecting these large volumes of information; Storing that data reliably; Providing intuitive methods for managing and navigating…

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Raima Releases RDM 14.1, a New Powerful High-Performance Embedded Database Manager

By Fredrik Sande | April 12, 2018

Raima provides an enterprise caliber database with a small footprint.  In this release our clients will find a new set of features which will enable IoT and IIoT applications that need performance within self-maintained applications.   Raima Database Manager is the solution for: High performance applications, through in-memory and snapshot support Edge/remote data with low…

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Database Dictionary 2018 Update

By Fredrik Sande | March 5, 2018

We have updated our popular database dictionary. Here are some of the terms we added: Edge Computing – Edge computing refers to the computing infrastructure at the edge of the network, close to the sources of data. Edge computing reduces the communications bandwidth needed between sensors and the datacenter. Databases with tiny footprints e.g RDM are optimized for edge computing. Embedded…

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Orange and blue code lines

RDM 14.0 – Today’s Embedded Database Solution

By Raima | December 20, 2017

Introduction With mobile and edge computing’s growth in the market, data management continues to play an increasingly critical role. By extension, embedded data management systems are being looked to by developers and their clients as a means to streamline the management process. Embedded databases have a long history, but the newest developments in tech point…

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Windmill in landscape

How embedded databases help make grids smarter

By Raima | December 18, 2017

Electrical supply grids are having to become smarter so that they can self-optimize and improve their overall efficiency. Wayne Warren of database technology specialist company, Raima, Inc. of Seattle, explores how embedding controllers around a grid can help measure power flows, demand requirements etc. and leads to real-time management for best performance. Wind, solar, tidal…

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Edge computing and Raima new version RDM 14.0

By Raima | December 10, 2017

Most tech discussions today arrive at the same conclusion: the future of big data is edge computing. With the recent release of RDM 14.0 , Raima provides new value in database management, accommodating the huge demand for reliable data storage from the edge to the cloud. While discussions around edge computing are not necessarily new,…

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Embedded Database Terminology

By Raima | November 27, 2017

The specialist vocabulary related to database systems can make the subject seem more difficult than it is. The following embedded database terminology list should help lift the veil. Application Link – Direct link between application program and database functionality. Eliminates client/server overhead of Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs). Atomicity – A characteristic of transactions where all updates are…

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Database Management Solutions for Industrial Automation

Database management for industrial automation systems

By Raima | November 26, 2017

From simple batch processing to the most sophisticated real-time processes, effective data management is the key to boosting efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing costs in industrial applications. Raima explores the role of data management solutions embedded within industrial automation systems. Managing data effectively within industrial automation systems have become one of the key challenges of…

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Data management for offshore production

By Raima | November 12, 2017

Why data management is a challenge for offshore production The amount of data being collected in offshore production facilities has grown massively over the years to the point where ‘big data’ solutions need to be deployed in order to quickly and efficiently extract the important information from the mass of general data. The offshore working…

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Scada applications

Raima’s data management systems prove more than a match for SCADA applications

By Raima | November 3, 2017

Schneider Electric is to embed the latest version of Raima’s RDM database management system into the next generation of its EasyXOS Operator Station. The EasyXOS is used for customizing SCADA HMI displays, and has been the backbone of many automation systems since the introduction of the original product 20 years ago. Schneider has always used…

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