Raima Database Manager
The Database for Embedded Linux

With the rise of popularity in the IoT/IIoT, there has been an increased need for a very small and embedded operating system. Raima Database Manager (RDM) have full feature support for Embedded Linux , one of the most popular Real-time Operating systems (RTOS). Small footprint and high performance are both typical requirements where Embedded Linux combined with RDM meets those requirements

RDM is designed as a low memory requirement, high speed, flexible, flash medium optimized database system. It has fully fledged SQL support and additionally, it can be accessed through multiple different API’s seamlessly without any database changes. An RDM database can additionally be run in-memory or on disk, also without any database schema changes. The only requirement is a simple change during an API call.

In an environment where storage is at a premium, RDM has in-memory performance that is uniquely designed and optimized to run extremely fast with a small footprint. Performance tests have shown that it is over 3x as fast as leading competitors while also utilizing less memory due to the lower storage space required. Here is how RDM performs compared to SQLite. RDM takes advantage of the design of high-speed RAM to run as fast as possible.

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