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RaimaDB Multi-Platform Support

RaimaDB supports a wide variety of both processors and operating systems. It has been designed to be highly flexible and optimized no matter what hardware the engineer is using, and you can mix and match operating systems without little-endian or big-endian compatibility issues. RaimaDB can even run without an OS. Develop once, deploy anywhere.

RaimaDB Supported Processors

Raima’s database engine is processor agnostic. The database files themselves are platform independent, preventing the developer from having to worry about migration or byte-swapping when moving database files between processor architectures. Internally, RaimaDB also takes advantage of the unique strengths of each of the processor types and power requirements.

Supported Processors
Intel/AMD x86
Intel/AMD x64
PowerPC (PPC)
Curcuit board

RaimaDB Supported Operating Systems

RaimaDB has had decades of experience working with various operating systems and as a result, engineers have created a platform support layer (the PSP) that uniquely allows RaimaDB to be quickly and efficiently ported to any OS. This layer allows for specific optimizations to take place for each system allowing for the RaimaDB engine to run as quickly as possible no matter the OS. Further, RaimaDB has created a new NO_OS section to allow RaimaDB to run without a dependency on any operating system or C/C++ library call, in a “bare bones boards” configuration. RaimaDB now has no limitations on what it can run on.

Desktop PlatformsEmbedded PlatformsMobile PlatformsNO OS
Microsoft WindowsWind River VxWorksAndroidNO OS (Barebones)
Linux Distributions Wind River VxWorks RTP
MacOSGreen hills Integrity
UbuntuQNX Neutrino
DebianEmbedded Linux
FedoraWindows Embedded
Red Hat LinuxFreeRTOS
Linux Mint
Arch Linux

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