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Database Dictionary 2018 Update

We have updated our popular database dictionaryDatabase termsHere are some of the terms we added:

Edge Computing  Edge computing refers to the computing infrastructure at the edge of the network, close to the sources of data. Edge computing reduces the communications bandwidth needed between sensors and the datacenter. Databases with tiny footprints e.g RDM are optimized for edge computing.

Embedded Database – An embedded database is the combination of a database and the database software which typically resides within an application. The database holds information and the software control the database to access or store information. The application software, or the user-interface, then accesses the database and presents that information in a way which is easy for the user to interpret and understand.

Fog Computing – An architecture that distributes computing, storage, and networking closer to users, and anywhere along the Cloud-to-Thing continuum. Fog computing is necessary to run IoTIIoT, 5G and AI applications.

Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC) – A concurrency control method which allows for multiple types of database access to occur simultaneously. RDMimplements this through the use of database snapshots.

Snapshot Isolation – When a snapshot of the database is taken, an instance of the database is frozen and concurrent reads are allowed to occur on that snapshot.  Database writes are allowed to continue while reads on the snapshot are happening.

SQL PL – A SQL based programming language.  This allows for a SQL programmer to use programming constructs like variables, conditionals, and loops purely through the use of SQL statements.

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