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In-Memory Database For Time and Mission-Critical Applications

High-Performance, Lightweight and Secure.

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Real-Time Performance

RaimaDB performs better than any competitor within a multitude of systems and environments. In the industry standard TPC-B test, RDM process over 2,000+ more transactions than our closest competitors.

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RaimaDB Embedded Database is designed for small footprint environments. Developers can reduce the size to as low as 350K, depending on features and options selected.

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Flexible Architecture

RaimaDB supports in-memory, hybrid and persistent storage.

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Developer Ease of Use

Multiple API’s and configurations provide developers with a wide variety of powerful programming options and functionality. Mix and match operating systems without little endian or big endian compatibility issues. Wide range of indexing methods and available source code.

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Secure Your Data

AES encryption from 128 bit to 256 bit meets market demand for cybersecurity. ACID transactions guarantee that when changes to a database record are made, that data is correct and no data is lost.

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Proven Solution

Raima’s Embedded DBMS is field tested by over 20.000 engineers with over 25.000.000 deployments. Learn more about some of our clients.

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Run natively on ARM, PPC or x86 processors and on major Real-time operating systems (RTOS).


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Raima's In-Memory Database Key Features

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Fast In-Memory, Hybrid or Persistent Storage

RaimaDB designed from the ground up to take full advantage of memory as the storage medium. This makes it not only faster than disk-based DBMSs but also faster than competitors who added in-memory as an afterthought.
Find performance benchmarks here.

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Platform Compatability

Develop once, deploy anywhere. Through Raima´s file format, you can mix and match operating systems and hardware. RaimaDB runs on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Apple, Android or RTOS: Windriver, GreenHills, QNX or Embedded Linux.

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High Availability

RDM supports local storage and data replication from a RaimaDB database to another RaimaDB database system, or to any other enterprise database vendor, fx. Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server through SymmetricDS. Data can be collected on the device and replicated to an enterprise system for big data analytics and BI.

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Easy to Use

We focus on ease of use, providing out of the box project files for all the standard development environments. RaimaDB is automated to manage database storage and essentially all the critical functions are self-managed and we support the OS and development languages you know.

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Extended Flash Media Lifetime

RaimaDB optimizes and minimizes the number of writes to the storage medium, prolonging the lifetime of the device. This means less maintenance is needed for the medium and less replacements over the lifetime of the application. Additionally, RaimaDB performs better on these devices due to the optimizations it has.

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Before the release of RaimaDB, many tests and methods have been developed to ensure a robust and usable product. This is due to the stability and robustness requirements for a database being much more stringent than many other types of applications.

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Embedded Systems and Real-time Application

Fully supports real-time system performance. RaimaDB has been designed to meet the zero-administration requirements of an embedded application, there is no need for a database administrator.

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Full Feature SQL Support

RaimaDB provides developers with all the benefits SQL has to offer. Fully-featured and enhanced SQL support, including SQL PL, Stored Procedure, and Triggers.

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Multi-Core Scalability

Maintain performance by adding further resources as demands on the system increase. RaimaDB supports any 32-bit and 62-bit hardware.

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Decreased Time to Market

RaimaDB’s architecture delivers the highest performance while simultaneously safeguarding data and maintaining full ACID compliance. For in-memory databases, Raima uses a completely unique internal format to take full advantage of the direct memory characteristics of random access, zero latency, etc. If the database is on disk, Raima instead uses another uniquely designed and optimized format to take into consideration the latency involved with disk usage. The new architecture also hides hardware platform specifics such as byte ordering in the new file format design, freeing developers to focus on other details.

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Small Footprint

RaimaDB is designed for small footprint environments. Developers can reduce the size to as low as 350K, depending on features and options selected.

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Simple Administration

RaimaDB is automated to manage database storage and essentially all the critical functions are self-managed. it frees up time to focus on other things than administration.

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