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Raima in Action – Solution Brief: Advanced Technology Solutions

Advanced Technology Solutions Case Study – A data management solution was needed that had the ability to handle enormous call processing volumes with a high degree of reliability and consistency.



Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) has established itself as a pioneer in next-generation solutions for mobile, fixed and private networks that helps millions of subscribers worldwide to communicate. Based on a strategy focused extensively on customer satisfaction, ATS products accompany telecom operators along every step of the business process providing efficient solutions that maximize their customer’s investment.


About the Application

ATS Service Control Point Call Processing Server is a real-time call processing telephony solution used by a prime telecom operator in Latin America. The application receives notifications from the call router and is responsible for checking the ported numbers that may have changed from one provider to another. Additionally the application verifies that the call follows the predefined rules and agreements before sending back a message to the call router instructing the router on how to proceed with the processing of the call.



ATS was in need of a data management solution that could outperform some of the most common enterprise based technologies on the market. It was necessary to find a solution that could handle the enormous call processing volumes that would it would be subject to and do so with a high degree of reliability and consistency.



ATS chose Raima’s RDM Server database management system to store a record of rules and the latest ported numbers. At night RDM Server synchronizes to a feed from an Oracle database to gain all the latest rules and regulatory changes and any new ported numbers. The changes sent from Oracle are sent to RDM Server through SQL expressions and inserted into the Raima database. The database has up to 20 tables with as many as 15 million records in a single table and 8 Gigabytes of data.

  • The direct link features of RDM Server, allowed ATS to embedded the database server and link it directly within the application which is extremely beneficial in increasing performance.
  • RDM Server’s in-memory functionality allows ATS to realize even greater performance gains.
  • The router processes up to 200 calls per second resulting in about 1,000 database queries per second. RDM Server validate that all of these calls are following the agreement rules and conducts checks against ported numbers.
  • The RDM Server database provided the greatest reliable concurrency (multiple concurrent queries).
  • The RDM Server database supported the Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms in 32bit and 64bit configurations allowing ATS the ability to serve their cross platform clientele.
  • RDM Server supported the required parallel executions and multicore scalability demanded by the application.



The service was delivered to a key Latin America operator with about 14 installations of the Services Control Point Call Processing Server application.

This article is relative to the following versions of RDM:
RDM Server: 8.0 & 8.3

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