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Raima CTO Randy Merilatt to Present at Embedded World 2011

SEATTLE, WA — February 17, 2011 – Raima Inc., which offers state-of-the-art embedded database and dataflow   technologies, today announced CTO Randy Merilatt will be presenting his  “Is Using SQL in an Embedded Computer Application Like Trying to Squeeze an Elephant Into a Mini?” paper at this years Embedded World 2011. The paper explains that whether you like it or not SQL is pervasive in the development community. The paper goes on to explain how embedded system developers can utilize SQL in their embedded applications.

Raima will also be exhibiting at the event in booth 11-408. This year Raima will be previewing a new release of RDM Embedded which will increase interoperability through SQL and C++ API. In this release we have focused on the “ease of use experience” to be improved on our host platforms. The release is set to be later this quarter.

About The Raima Database Manager Family
Raima Inc. released the first version of the Raima embedded database in 1984. Since then the family has grown into two successful embedded database products. RDM Embedded pioneered the embedded market space under the name dbVista. Building on the success of RDM Embedded, Raima released the product in a client/server configuration under the name Velocis, now called RDM Server. You can find our free SDK downloads of the RDM Products at downloads.

About Raima Inc.
Raima Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance, real-time, always on, embedded databases for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. Raima Database Managers are found in everything from low cost real-time applications to high performance, high-availability application. With over 20 000 developers enjoying the flexibility of these COTS databases, the products are currently successfully deployed in over 25 million systems.

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