Raima Database Manager™ Downloads

Thank you for considering Raima for your software development project! Please feel free to contact us during the evaluation phase with questions or for even hands-on technical support. We want to make sure the evaluation and database download provides you with all the answers you need, and also that you discover the full potential of RDM.

If you have not used RDM before, consider trying a series of simple instructional demos for your development platform. Each demo should require less than of 5 minutes of time (including the download) and may be deleted when you are finished.

Please note that each software development kit (SDK) has unlimited functionality, but is licensed only for evaluation of the product. If you wish to use or distribute the product, you will need to purchase a Software Development Kit and Distribution License from Raima. Please click here to send us an e-mail to request more information about our different licensing options.

Select your platform download:

The Raima Database API for LabVIEW can be downloaded and purchased from the LabVIEW™ Tools Network site at www.ni.com/labviewtools/raima or can be obtained by directly contacting your Raima or NI Sales Representative.