ODBMS.org Q&A with Aker Solutions on RDM

Q1. What is the business of Aker Solutions? 

Aker Solutions’ goal is to maximize recovery and efficiency of oil and gas assets, while using the company’s expertise to develop the sustainable solutions of the future.


Q2. What are the current technical challenges you face in the area of offshore control technologies?

As digitalization of the oil field increases, so does the need for creating highly configurable and highly standardized, powerful, robust and reliable subsea control systems, being able to operate under a large variety of environmental conditions. One of the major challenges in the area is coping with the large amount of data required for operating and monitoring state-of-the-art oil fields.


Q3. You developed Vectus™ 6.0, a  subsea electronics module. What is it?  and what is it useful for?

The SEMs monitor and control the subsea production equipment as trees, manifolds, valves and chokes, allowing safe and efficient subsea production operations in all climates and water depths.
The Vectus™ 6.0 is the latest generation of Aker Solution’s SEMs, offering greater data and power capabilities with lower project execution risks. Vectus™ 6.0 is Aker Solution’s baseline electronics and software platform for future growth, with a design focused on quality, reliability and manufacturability.


Q4. You have been working with RDM when developing Vectus 6.0. What did you use RDM for?

RDM is a central component of the Vectus™ 6.0 SEM SW, acting as an embedded database for storing and retrieving thousands of data values by a large number of clients at high rates.


Q5. What is your experience in using RDM?

RDM is a flexible, robust and performant embedded database engine. Further, the code base supports a variety of architectures and is relatively easy to integrate with the problem domain application SW.


Q6. Do you plan to use Raima`s  Database Manager (RDM) as part of the development of your architecture for future product generations? If yes, how?

Yes, RDM will be used inside the SW systems of some of the Aker Solutions’ subsea controls products being developed now. It will play a similar role as in the Vectus™ 6.0 SEM SW.


Qx. Anything else you wish to add?

Raima has been and is a highly professional counterpart.

Raima at Aker Solutions

(second from left) Miguel Valero, Software Engineer, Aker Solutions, Norway.

“One of the major challenges in the area is coping with the large amount of data required for operating and monitoring state-of-the-art oil fields.”

Q&A done by Roberto Zicari, originally published on ODBMS.org.

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