Raima Database Manager

Lightning fast database for mission-critical applications

Get to market faster so you can focus on what truly matters — with fully customizable, lightweight and reliable C/C++ embedded database solutions.

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Data should be fast

Leverage real-time data flow.

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Data should be reliable

Gain around-the-clock data availability.

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Data should be supported

Access full-time customer support.

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Data should be easy

Hit the ground running with minimal code requirements.

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What we do

Raima Database Manager

Develop more powerful applications for less with the most flexible embedded database on C and C++.

Professional services

Access on-demand data management expertise from a team with over 30 years of experience.

Maintenance & support plans

Make your database unstoppable with dedicated 24/7 customer support.


Data for your industry


Automate data movement without overloading your data fabric pipeline. Leverage RDM’s fast and reliable database management solutions so you can keep an eye on your system at every touchpoint in the network instantly.

Aerospace & Defense

Reduce implementation costs without sacrificing performance. RDM’s low-footprint optimization capabilities allow your team to access high-performance functionality with minimal code so they can do more with less.


When you’re building the future of transportation, bandwidth is crucial. Supercharge your system with real-time decision-making capabilities so you can maximize your system’s functionality.


Patient care is constantly advancing with new and evolving medical systems. Ensure patient data is secure as you manage and share testing results with RDM’s advanced encryption. Access your data when you need it to provide 24/7 data availability with little to no maintenance.

Industrial Automation

Access real-time information from a magnitude of sensors and devices to improve assembly inventory management, and automate preventive maintenance reports so you can keep production moving at full speed.



Manage data within your application or device.


Store and use data in your device’s RAM.


Process data on edge devices or trasmit with full encryption.

Data integrity

Prevent data loss with backlog & roll-back recovery.


Transfer data from edge-to-cloud or edge-to-edge.

Limited compute power

Save CPU capacity for main-use functionality.

Minimal memory usage

Leverage in-memory data with low-footprint RAM usage.

Compact disk storage

Conserve disk space with barebone data storage.

Fast, reliable data management

Our APIs are simple, easy to use, and quick to implement. See for yourself.

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