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New release! Raima Database Manager 15.2 is here


The world's fastest embedded database
now with full edge to cloud replication.

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Decreased time-to-market

Industry-standard interfaces & tools for making your job easy. Out-off-the box project files to get up and running in minutes.

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Microsecond reaction times

TPC tests confirm magnitudes faster than competition. Massive scalability with additional hardware.

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Complete data integrity

Meets market demand for cybersecurity support. Zero data loss gives you peace-of-mind.

Platform independent database icon

Develop once, deploy anywhere

Supports any hardware or software combination. Avoid little endian/big endian issues or even run without OS in barebones configuration.

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Enterprise-level edge database

Only edge IoT database with rich SQL support. Seamless replication from edge to cloud. Requires less than 350k of RAM & minimal CPU power

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Never alone

Free support during the entire evaluation process. Highly skilled engineers walk with you throughout development. Trusted by fortune 500 companies.

Raima Database Manager

Raima Database Manager (RDM) is an embedded time series database optimized to run on resource-constrained IoT edge devices that require real-time response. RDM enables intelligent decisions to be made at the device level within microseconds.


Fast and reliable database for
applications that are:

Autonomous - RDM is automated to manage database storage and essentially all the critical functions are self-managed.

Time-Critical - RDM delivers unmatched speed, in almost any use case, requiring little resources. See our performance benchmarks.

Resource-Constrained - RDM needs only 350k of RAM and minimal CPU speeds to fully operate. With more power in the system, RDM will fully utilize it all to perform even faster.

Reliable - ACID transactions guarantee that when changes to a database record are made, that data is correct and no data is lost.

Secure - AES encryption from 128 bit to 256 bit meets market demand for cybersecurity and gives Raima clients peace-of-mind.

Mission-Critical - For applications that require local storage if connectivity is lost, unmatched speed for real-time decision-making and reliability.

Built by developers, for developers

Our APIs are simple, easy to use, and quick to implement. See for yourself.

        RDM_CURSOR cursor; 

        INFO infoRead; /* Row buffer */ 

        rdm_dbAllocCursor (db, &cursor); 

        rdm_dbGetRows (db, TABLE_INFO, &cursor); 

        rdm_cursorMoveToFirst (cursor); 

        rdm_cursorReadRow ( cursor, &infoRead, sizeof (infoRead), NULL); 

        printf ("%s\n", infoRead.mychar); 

        rdm_cursorFree (cursor); 

    INFO infoInserted; /* Row buffer */ 

    rdm_dbStartUpdate (db, tables, RDM_LEN (tables), NULL, 0, NULL); 

    strcpy (infoInserted.mychar, "Hello World! - using the embedded TFS"); 

    rdm_dbInsertRow ( db, TABLE_INFO, &infoInserted, sizeof (infoInserted), NULL); 

    rdm_dbEnd (db); 

   rdm_dbEndRollback (db); 

    db.StartRead (tablesToLock, RDM_LEN (tablesToLock)); 

    cursor = db.Get_rtree_table_RowsBy_rect (boundingBox, type); 

    cursor.MoveToFirst (); 

    while (cursor.GetStatus () == CURSOR_AT_ROW) 


        printCurrentRtreeTableRow (cursor); 

        cursor.MoveToNext (); 


    db.End (); 


    transaction <split <insert_row <TABLE_MEASUREMENT_SECONDS>, 

                        stats <60, STATS_MINUTES, 

                               split <insert_row <TABLE_STATS_MINUTES>, 

                                      stats <60, STATS_HOURS, 

                                             split <insert_row <TABLE_STATS_HOURS>, 

                                                    stats <24, STATS_DAYS, 

                                                           insert_row <TABLE_STATS_DAYS>>>>>>>> ts; 

    RDM_RETCODE rc = ts.init (db); 

    for (int hour = 0; hour < 72 && rc == sOKAY; hour++) 


        rc = ts.begin (); 

        for (uint64_t time_stamp = hour * 60 * 60; rc == sOKAY && time_stamp < (hour + 1) * 60 * 60; time_stamp++) 


            const double tau = 6.283185307179586; 

            const double signal = sin (tau * time_stamp / 23.45); 

            MEASUREMENT_SECONDS measurement = {time_stamp, signal}; 

            rc = ts.put_value (&measurement); 



     rc = ts.end (); 

Simple, Modern Management

RDM has a sleek, intuitive management UI for ease of administrator and developer access to system and database status. It allows an administrator to quickly see the status of the Raima system while also allowing for quick data edits, with no coding required.

RDM: An Ideal Solution for Real-Time Data Management

RDM is optimized to run on resource-constrained IoT edge devices that require real-time response. RDM enables businesses to move data from the edge to any cloud database. Use RDM in a client/server application or peer-to-peer on almost any hardware and software combination.

Trusted by Leading Companies

"We needed an in-memory database solution that would be adaptable on our custom OS and potentially being scalable onto standard server platforms. Raima's was the only yet the best option we found."

Karol Rohrer,  Elvys s.r.o Executive Director

"We chose Raima for data storage because of its high performance and low-memory footprint."

Paul Fraley, Juniper Networks Software Manager

"Raima has a significant customer base, which is impressive and gives us confidence in the product."

 Chris Hunt, General Dynamics UK Ltd. Engineering IT Manager

"Mitsubishi has many applications in development that require the speed, reliability and flexibility that RDM provides. RDM will give us the flexibility to develop applications on any industrial device."

Chris Hazlewood, Strategic Alliance Manager Mitsubishi Electric Europe

"RDM was an easy selection because it offers all of the functionality we needed on our target platform. Raima has consistently exhibited exceptional cooperation to meet all of our business demands including providing source code for the database."

Boeing Spokesperson

"We chose Raima’s RDM because it is mature, reliable, and designed for embedded applications. Additionally, our data relationships are complex and RDM is uniquely capable of modeling these relationships without compromising performance."

R&D Manager, Nokia

"Raima RDM has proven itself in meeting the stringent requirement of high data integrity. We have accomplished satisfying 100% data integrity even after some of the most brutal test scenarios."

Rodney Spruell, Adva Optical Networking

"We have been using RDM for many years embedded in our products – Raima is very stable and works just as intended."

Søren Aldenryd, Systematic Principal Product Manager

"We needed a database that could provide low-level API access for ultimate design control and to allow us to fine-tune performance, as well as a product that provided a standard SQL interface to meet our ease-of-use reporting expectations from our customers, Raima’s database delivered perfectly on this requirement."

Devin Cole, Performance Solutions Engineering Manager, Metso Automation USA

RDM has provided us the data reliability and security required to be able to deliver successful products into the financial industry.

Lucie Johnson – Vice President of Engineering at ImageScan

RDM Performance Benchmarks

RDM performs better than any competitor within a multitude of systems and environments. In the industry-standard TPC-B test, our disk-based performance is able to process over 2,000+ more transactions than our closest competitors on an X86 platform and over 20x more transactions than SQLite on an ARM platform.

IoT Embedded ARM

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TPC-B RDM vs SQLite vs PostgreSQL – Disk.
Device: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with Broadcom BCM2711, quad-core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1. 5GHz---8GB LPDDR4-2400 SDRAM  running Linux raspberrypi 5.4.51-v7l+ #1333 SMP armv7l GNU/Linux.

Desktop X86

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TPC-B RDM vs Competitors – Disk.
Device: Windows 10, Intel 24 core CPU, 256GB Ram