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Whether you’re building the future of transportation or providing essential medical services, unlock real-time decision-making capabilities with the fastest and most reliable embedded database out there.

As proven in the illustration above, due to SQLite’s design, it has a variable number of transactions it can do per second on each client of the database. RaimaDB delivers up to four times increase in the number of transactions per second per client. If stability and consistency are important, RaimaDB is a great fit.

RDM performs better than any competitor within a multitude of systems and environments. In the industry-standard TPC-B test, our disk-based performance is able to process over 2,000+ more transactions than our closest competitors on an X86 platform and over 20x more transactions than SQLite on an ARM platform.

In-house database solutions can take months or even years, cost millions of dollars, and take developers away from more important goals. Leverage Raima to decrease development time, save on cost, and free up your developers to focus on what truly matters

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