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The Raima Database Manager is perfectly designed for medical systems and devices ranging from patient data systems, blood analysis equipment, to a multitude of medical appliances. RDM is trusted by leading companies in the healthcare vertical.

These days it is common to discover various new and evolving medical systems that are helping to advance patient care, treatment, and overall well-being.  This is done through advanced diagnostic and analysis equipment including product lines that store patient fluid result to determine a patient condition and allow doctors to come up with the best treatment plan.  Then it is important to have a reliable clinical system to help control, manage and process this medical information to improve patient outcomes.


Having a database like Raima that can be deeply embedded into such systems to securely manage testing results, as well as acting as a secure message broker of data shared amongst various critical care systems and physicians, is important.  With RDM’s advanced encryption both patient and doctor can rest assure that data is secure and only accessed by those with a need to know.  Availability is also important with such medical systems.  RDM can also be linked directly into the software application running hidden and in the background with no DBA necessary such that it does not require constant maintenance that would disrupt a system that must be up and available 24x7 with little to no downtime.

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