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RDM Server v8.4 Unleashes Performance for Client/Server Embedded Applications

SEATTLE, WA – September 1, 2012– Raima, a premium provider of high performance database technology, today announced that their Enterprise Lite, client/server database, RDM Server Version 8.4, has been officially released and is available for download.

“RDM Server 8.4 provides advanced versatility for developers to increase the performance of their application”, says Scott Meder, Director of Sales and Marketing at Raima. “Software developers now have direct access through one of our industries’ most sought after access methods”.

Improvements include multiple indexing methods and ADO.NET support. Hash-indexing in tables with large volumes often provides faster access to data than b-tree indexing and provides developers the versatility to enhance the performance of their applications. In scenarios where developers need to find if something exists or does not exist, hash indexing will typically produce faster results as well. The different indexing methods can be used together within an application to optimize the performance of specific processes.

The ADO.NET Data Provider is a powerful feature that enables developers to easily create .NET applications with the RDM Server database. The Data Provider for RDMs v8.4 now derives from the classes in the System.Data.Common namespace instead of directly implementing the IDb* interfaces in System.Data, as was the case in v8.3. This is easier-to-use and follows the current standard for ADO.NET Data Providers.

About Raima

Raima is a provider of high-performance, always on database technology for both in-memory usage and persistent storage devices. Raima delivers database management solutions tailored for the following application types: Mobile, Embedded, Desktop and Server, and Enterprise Lite. The RDM System solutions are cross-platform, small footprint, fast and reliable database technologies. These products are used worldwide in a variety of applications such as industrial automation systems, military flight control systems, telecom routers & switches, financial trading systems, medical equipment, data backup solutions, consumer electronic devices and more.


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