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Raima extends workgroup platforms for RDM Workgroup 12

High performance database technology provider Raima has extended RDM Workgroup 12 to offer support for the widest range of workgroup platforms, including AiX 7.1, MacOS 10.8, HPUX 11p, Solaris 11, Windows Server 2012, Linux Centos, Mint and Fedora, Mageia, Montavista, SUSE, OpenSUSE, RedHat and Ubuntu.

RDM Workgroup 12 provides database management technology optimized for the operating systems used within the desktop and server environments. It is ideal for standalone and networked applications, such as those commonly found on today’s desktop and laptop computers. Multiple APIs provide developers with a multitude of programming options and functionality.

In addition, RDM Workgroup 12 includes an ADO.Net 4.0 provider, JDBC Type 4 driver and ODVC 3.5 driver. Using these drivers, managed code applications can easily be created using popular languages such as C# and Java.

Developers of database systems for workgroup platforms can take advantage of a host of new features within RDM 12 including database cursors, shared memory protocol, enhanced SQL optimization support, bulk insert API, new data types, larger key limit size, updated dirty read isolation level, enhanced encryption, and selective replication and notification.

Raima CTO Wayne Warren comments: “RDM 12 offers huge performance and functionality increases across all areas of database applications, and the increased platform support in this latest release means developers across the widest spread of workgroup platforms can now take full advantage of those benefits.”

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