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Raima announces release of RDM version 12.0

RDM Version 12.0

SEATTLE, WA – August 29, 2013 – Raima, a premium provider of high performance database technology, announces the availability of Raima Database Manager (RDM) version 12.0

RDM 12.0 is optimized for embedded, real-time, in memory and mobile applications, delivering flexible and reliable solutions for collecting and storing large volumes of data, providing intuitive methods for managing and navigating through information quickly, and enabling data to be moved in live real-time. It provides software developers with a wide variety of powerful programming tools and customizable building blocks that enable them to solve the most complex data management challenges.

[pullquote style=”right”]Through feedback from our clients and prospects we have added functionality to improve security through encryption. We have also increased performance by more than 50% under certain read and write scenarios and simplified Ease of Use.” [/pullquote]

New features for RDM 12.0 include database cursors, shared memory protocol, memory allocation cap, enhanced SQL optimization support, three new data types, larger key size limit, bulk insert API, “dirty read” isolation level, enhanced encryption, and selective replication and notification.

The introduction of data cursors to the standard library improves the programming interface to the database, allowing programmers to have a natural multi-cursor view for navigation, queries and updates.

RDM 12.0 greatly improves performance with same-computer clients through the addition of shared memory as a transport for communication between the application and the Transactional File Server, enabling data to be transferred much more quickly than via TCP/IP.

Delivering improved stability on resource-constrained systems, RDM 12.0 now includes a function that caps memory allocation, limiting the memory that can be used by the runtime library and database processes, with an optional pointer to preallocated memory.

The new release also offers enhanced SQL functionality to improve SQL performance. Now, statistics are gathered to improve query optimization, ORDER BY and GROUP BY processing has been optimized, and ROWID can now be used for primary and foreign keys.

RDM 12.0 also adds three new native data types: date/time/timestamp, BCD and GUID. Date/time/timestamp allows natural time-based logging and manipulation. BCD (Binary-coded Decimal) is a standard database representation for financial applications, meeting the needs of applications where exact values are required in all decimal digits. Finally, the addition of the GUID data type provides unique 128-bit algorithm-generated identifiers, with a far better guarantee of uniqueness than can be achieved using sequence generators.

Platform support includes real-time and embedded operating systems like Green Hills Integrity, Wind River VxWorks, QNX Neutrino, Embedded Linux and Embedded Windows.

Raima Database Manager (RDM) is packaged for development and deployment in three environments: Workgroup platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple OS X), Embedded platforms (VxWorks, Integrity, QNX) and Mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Android). Each RDM environment can stand alone (Standard package) or interoperate with the others (Plus package). Mobile platform packages come with a cross-platform development SDK for Windows or Linux for emulation or deployment on mobile phones or tablets.

The Standard Packages will satisfy most application development needs in that environment, including the sharing of databases among multiple computers, while the Plus Packages add the more sophisticated data movement options, replication, notifications and mirroring, allowing dynamic and automatic data movement in a LAN or across the world.

C, C++, SQL and ODBC interfaces are available as C-callable APIs in all packages. In Apple environments an Objective-C interface is also provided. The following drivers are available for Windows environments:  ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC.

Steinar Sande, CEO of Raima says: “Through feedback from our clients and prospects we have added functionality to improve security through encryption supporting AES 128, 192 and 256 standards. We have increased performance by more than 50% under certain read and write scenarios and have added dirty reads and shared memory. Ease of Use has been addressed by adding cursors and database examples for all the API’s.  Raima is committed to continue supporting the need to process more and more data in a multiplatform environment within a very competitive price point.”

RDM version 12.0 is available August 30th, 2013

For more information on RDM and to download the SDK for evaluation visit our products page.

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