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Infor Cloverleaf Integraton and Informaton Exchange Suite depends on RDM Embedded for its database needs

This Case Study takes a look at how Infor uses Raima Database Manager (RDM) in its Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite. The top three considerations in their decision to use RDM were performance, footprint size, and multi-platform support. The market-leading Infor Cloverleaf interoperability technology connects the disparate software applications and technologies used throughout healthcare organizations, helps enable data to flow smoothly to healthcare professionals wherever they are and whenever they need it. Without Infor Cloverleaf solutions, most healthcare providers find themselves operating in cumbersome, manual and time-intensive IT environments. Infor Cloverleaf solutions help transform what is typically a multitude of complex interfaces into an automated and efficient environment.

Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite is a recognized interoperability market leader. Infor Cloverleaf connects healthcare organizations many IT applications and helps allow operational and clinical data to move through complex processes.

Infor Cloverleaf is the de facto standard for healthcare integration and data exchange and is No.1 in terms of market share. It replaces manual and expensive point – to – point interfaces. It also creates an integrated, real-time environment for clinicians, administrators and financial professionals to access the data they need when they need it. Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange Suite is currently deployed in thousands of healthcare facilities around the globe.

The Challenge

At the most fundamental level, the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite is a message hub or broker that receives messages from one medical information system and routes them to other information systems. These messages are received by the Cloverleaf application and must be stored by the application temporarily while the messages are being processed. This helps with the delivery of the data even in the case of a power failure or other failures that may occur.

About Raima

Raima Database Manager (RDM) products include options to meet a variety of data management architectural designs by providing a choice of data models and access methods to solve the most stringent performance requirements.

For more information on RDM or to download the SDK for evaluation visit: Product Overview

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