Enabling a Community With LabVIEW 2013

Presentation of LabVIEW 2013 and introduction to new tools and features. Raima is announced winners of the embedded and monitoring category.



Another replication of a platform is that it gives rise to a community that extends it and supports it that’s certainly true of the iOS and Android examples I gave you each of their up platforms have almost a million Apps in their respective stores and it’s true NI’s platform as well as evidence for one by this conference. You are a part of a huge community of system designers building on the most robust system design platform on the planet and making sure that that platform remains open an extensible by the community is the core of what we do and so at the center of our platform is LabVIEW and LabVIEW community is stronger than ever before.

The LabVIEW tools network which is the App Store for engineers recently surpassed 2 million downloads. So this morning We’re going to start off by.. [Clapping] You can applaud for that. That’s fine.

So this morning we’re gonna start where we often do talking about the new capability in LabVIEW but we’re gonna talk about new capability delivered by NI as well as capability delivered by our community yesterday we hosted our alliance day and we highlighted 5 of the top tools in the LabVIEW network for those of you who weren’t here yesterday we like to go through those quickly Johnie Elie. So the product I just mention from viewpoint system is it TSVN plugin. It won the LabVIEW community award which is given to free add-ons and again it provides excellent integration with Subversion directly in the project CERTEX tool qualification kit which validates applications and highly regulated industries won the automated test category.

Raima’s database tool kit for distributed embedded applications won the embedded control and monitoring category. DVI systems product chameleon a turnkey data logger written an extendable by LabVIEW won the data acquisition category and finally the LabVIEW Innovation Award went to a tool kit from a new company WireBird  labs called Deploy now obviously deployment is a bigger investment for us and there’s still so much work to be done but why relapse a great new company it’s worth pointing out that they’re focused exclusively on building tool kits for LabVIEW. Yeah I think hopefully You will get plenty.. [Clapping] and Go ahead .. I was gonna say don’t worry we’re gonna bring WireBird up here so we can get plenty of time to clap for, watch out. Now i think you can see that the capability of LabVIEW 2013 clearly extends beyond the hundreds of new features we’ve delivered and includes this capability from the community.