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JDBC API for JAVA Database Samples

What is a Database Sample? It’s a taste of the real thing. These are fully contained, downloadable database functionality samples of our Raima Database Manager (RDM) , and each download highlights a certain feature within RDM. Start with Hello World below, then move to SQL02, SQL03 etc. Duration = 5 minutes or less for each lesson.

The Hello World sample is the first in a series of progressively more sophisticated database operations. While not a complete tutorial, this series of samples gives you hands-on experience, perfect for the kinesthetic learner.

Database examples

Downloadable Database Samples

C/C++ For Windows..... C/C++ For Linux...... Description
Hello World Hello World Hello World. Create & initialize database if not present. Create one record, read and print all records.
SQL02 SQL02 Primary/Foreign-key reference. Two table types, second referencing the first.
SQL03 SQL03 Hierarchy. Same as SQL02 but with three tables.
SQL04 SQL04 Indexing. Create 10 rows with random values in indexed column. Select all in order and print.
SQL05 SQL05 Many-to-many. Three tables, two foreign key references constructing a many-to-many relationship. Populate with a few rows. Select and print from one side, then from the other.
SQL08 SQL08 Transaction. Insert rows in a transaction. Commit then select and print them.
SQL09 SQL09 Transaction abort. Insert and commit some rows. Insert more rows, but abort the transaction. Select all rows and see only the first set of rows.