RDM 服務器®


RDM Server® is Raima’s extremely powerful Client/Server database management system. It is perfectly designed for business-critical applications that need a higher degree of server horsepower that provides greater concurrency, fine granularity of locking, a dynamic runtime architecture with built-in encryption for security and a complete and extendable SQL implementation.

This database server provides C/C++ and SQL APIs and supports both relational and network data models. Databases can be disk-resident, memory resident or a hybrid. RDM Server® implements multi-user row-level locking, hot database backup and a fully ACID-compliant transaction logging system with automatic crash recovery. The database server’s library can optionally be run in process with the application, eliminating client/server remote procedure calls. RDM Server® is supported on most 32- and 64-bit enterprise and RTOS operating systems, and are used in a wide range of applications for network management systems, medical equipment, financial services, telecommunication systems and more.

數據庫服務器支持帶符號和無符號整數(8位,16位,32位和64位),字符串(UTF-8和Unicode),浮點(32位和64位),BLOB(二進制大對象) ,BCD(二進制編碼的十進制),日期,時間和時間戳記。在上面的基礎類型列表中,In還具有對結構和多維數組的本機C / C ++支持。