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Client/Server Database Overview

RDM Server is Raima’s extremely powerful Client/Server database management system. It is perfectly designed for business-critical applications that need a higher degree of server horse power that provides greater concurrency, fine granularity of locking, a dynamic runtime architecture with built-in encryption for security and a complete and extendable SQL implementation.

This database server provides C/C++ and SQL APIs and supports both relational and network data models. Databases can be disk resident, memory resident or a hybrid. RDM Server implements multi-user row-level locking, hot database backup and a fully ACID compliant transaction logging system with automatic crash recovery. The database server’s library can optionally be run in-process with the application, eliminating client/server remote procedure calls. RDM Server is supported on most 32- and 64-bit enterprise and RTOS operating systems, and is today used in a wide range of applications for network management systems, medical equipment, financial services, telecommunication systems and more.

The database server supports signed and unsigned integer (8, 16, 32 and 64 bit), character string (UTF-8 and Unicode), floating point (32 and 64 bit), BLOB (binary large object), BCD (Binary Coded Decimal), date, time and timestamp. In also has native C/C++ support for structs and multi-dimensional arrays based on the above list of base types




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Disk Resident, In-Memory or Hybrid Data Storage RDM Server for Enterprise Applications
Database servers can be disk resident, memory resident or a hybrid. The data definition language (DDL) supports mixing different storage types in order to optimize performance and manage data persistence.

Active or Passive Replication maintains an identical copy of your database for application failover. The sub-system implements an asynchronous single master, multi-slave replication engine based on its client–server transports (including TCP/IP).

Server Extensions: Custom Code
Customize your code by using Server Extensions to run native code within the Server process space. This significantly reduces RPC overhead and allows your customized functions to be available to all users within your application family.

Database Specifications:

  • Maximum Database Size: 70 Quadrillion Bytes
  • Maximum Number of Keys: 18 Quintillion per Column
  • Maximum Number of Rows: 18 Quintillion per Table
  • Maximum Open Files: No hard limit
  • Maximum Table Size: 32K x 18 Quintillion = 576 EB

Native Languages Supported:

  • C/C++

Standards Supported:

  • ANSI SQL-89 Level 2
  • ANSI SQL-92 Partial
  • Unicode
  • ODBC v3.51
  • Type 4, JDBC 3.0 and 4.0
  • Type 4, JDBC 3.0 and 4.0
  • XML

Data Providers and Drivers: Interoperability

  • ADO.Net 1.0 Data Provider
  • JDBC 4 Type 4 Driver
  • ODBC 3.5 Driver

Data Types Supported:

  • Character
  • Decimal/Numeric
  • Floating Point – 32bit and 64bit
  • integer – 8 bit, 16bit and 64bit
  • Time
  • Timestamp
  • Unicode


Windows Client/Server


Mac OS X







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Raima is a provider of high performance, always on database management system technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. We deliver database solutions which are cross-platform, small footprint database systems designed for distributed architecture in resource-constrained environments.
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