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RDM Mobile Edition is a high-performance, mobile database management system ideal for the developer who is creating a standalone application for mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet devices. Specific APIs such as JDBC for Android or OBjective-C for iOS make integrating the database functionality as easy as accessing a native API call and the package is specifically tailored for that platform, avoiding any unnecessary code or other overhead being packaged along with your applications.


RDM Mobile is designed to quickly enhance today’s mobile applications. For the iOS platform this package includes the RDM Objective C API which provides an intuitive and familiar interface for Apple developers. Likewise, on Android, the JDBC interface allows the programmer to access database functionality through the expected Java APIs. This ACID compliant database engine supports B-tree and hash indexes; the B-tree indices can support simple and/or compound keys. Additionally the mobile database engine has been developed to fully utilize multi-core processors, run within minimal memory, and support both in-memory and on-disk storage. Implemented as a linkable library, this database is available to easily become an embedded part of your application.

Available in Standard or Plus Version

The Standard package will satisfy most single or even multi-user application development needs in the mobile environment, providing fast, indexed, multi-table, real database functionality to your application. All this power is directly available at the fingertips of your users instead of requiring WiFi or other connectivity to a backend server in the cloud somewhere. The Plus package adds some additional, more sophisticated, data movement options including replication, notifications and mirroring, which helps to bring your mobile app into enterprise level data processing.




Test in-memory, on-disk performance and other configurations within your app’s environment! Each demo takes less than 5 minutes.
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Full Multi-Core Support
Efficiently allocate transaction processing to take advantage of multi-core systems for optimal speed.

Pure and Hybrid In-Memory Database Operation
Configure your database to run completely on-disk, completely in-memory, or a hybrid of both; combining the speed of an in-memory mobile database and the stability of on-disk in a single system.

Multiple Indexing Methods
Use B-Trees or Hash Indexes on tables. Hashing on large volumes often provides faster access to data than b-tree indexing methods. Hashing enhances speed by using buckets to store the index information.

  • Maximum Databases Open Simultaneously: No Limit
  • Maximum Records Per Database: No Limit
  • Maximum Size of Database File: Limited only by file system
  • Maximum Tables Per Database: No Limit
  • Maximum Records Per Table: No Limit
  • Maximum Record Size: 32 kb (excluding BLOB or VARCHAR)
  • Maximum Fields Per Table: No Limit
  • Maximum Keys Per Database: No Limit
  • RAM Requirements: User configurable, minimum 50 kilobytes
  • Code Footprint: Starting at ~270 kb, depending on OS and database features

 Available APIs

  • Objective C API – The Objective-C 2.0 interface to RDM Mobile is designed to augment the RDM navigation on Mac OS X and iOS platforms by creating custom objects to represent records and interface with the database. This combines the performance of RDM with the intuitiveness of an object oriented interface, making it easy to integrate with Cocoa applications.
Modes of Operation
  • Standalone
  • Application Linked

Data Types Supported

  • Character
  • Widechar
  • Varchar
  • Floating Point – 32bit and 64bit
  • integer – 8 bit, 16bit and 64bit
  • C struct
  • Date/Time/Timestamp
  • BCD (SQL Decimal)
  • GUID

Additional SQL Data Types

  • Binary
  • Unicode

Need more APIs? View RDM Mobile Plus Edition

Supported Operating Systems

Target Platform



Windows - Mobile

RDM Mobile Plus includes all the features and functionality needed to create network enabled applications. It also includes the components to perform database replication and mirroring which enables greater availability and scalability. These features also provide the ability to sync data between the device and the enterprise as well as between devices. This package is ideal for developers who are creating a mobile version of a traditional application. Additional programming interfaces are also included, such as the RDM low level navigational API which provides the finest granularity of database control.

Additional Functionality

True Global Queries
Connect any application to one or more databases and query them as if it is a single instance. Perform globally, locally or across a network, to multiple database instances with no regard for where the data is located.

Navigational C API
For well over 25 years developers have been using RDM’s low-level C API of over 200 intuitive easy to use functions provides application developers with ultimate control of the mobile database.

Comprehensive SQL API
RDM’s SQL is accessed internally through an easy-to-use API designed by Raima. This non-standard API is simpler than ODBC. In fact, our ODBC API is based on this one.

Standards Based ODBC API
Following the ODBC standards Raima developed the ODBC API to provide developers with a familiar way to utilize the power of the RDM database engine.

Object Oriented C++ API
The C++ API was designed with ease of use as its primary requirement while still providing developers with full access and control to both RDM’s network and relational functionality.

Modes of Operation

  • Standalone
  • Client/Server
  • Application Linked
  • Mixed Execution Mode

What We Do

Raima is a provider of high performance, always on database management system technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. We deliver database solutions which are cross-platform, small footprint database systems designed for distributed architecture in resource-constrained environments.
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