Embedded Database Technology

Raima Database Manager (RDM) products are cross-platform, small footprint, fast and reliable persistent and in-memory database solutions which are optimized for workgroup, real-time and embedded and mobile operating systems.
  • Designed for distributed architecture in resource-constrained environments
  • Supports for in-memory, hybrid and persistent storage
  • Developed to fully utilize multi-core processors
  • Suitable for running on a wide variety of platforms
  • Multiple APIs and configurations provide developers a wide variety of powerful programming options and functionality

Manage Data across Platforms

Our products are platform independent and optimized for the most popular operating systems.


Raima Database Manager

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RDM 12.0 greatly improves performance with flexible and reliable solutions for collecting and storing large volumes of data, providing intuitive methods for managing and navigating through information quickly, and enabling data to be moved in live real-time. Read More

Award Winning Technology

Raima won the LabVIEW Tools Network Embedded Systems Product of the Year Award for delivering relational data management locally on real-time CompactRIO devices. LabVIEW programmers can now easily design data management functionality into their software applications. Read More



See what experienced developers say about Raima and why they chose RDM data management solutions for their projects. Learn more about features and possibilities in Raima Database Manager, and why it is great choice for all your database needs.
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What We Do

Raima is a provider of high performance, always on database management system technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. We deliver database solutions which are cross-platform, small footprint database systems designed for distributed architecture in resource-constrained environments.
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