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Industrial Automation

Raima’s database technology is implemented in numerous industrial automation systems, ranging from simple batch processing systems to complex turnkey power plant systems. Common across many of these systems is the requirement for real-time data management performance at the controller (device) level, with automated data movement to upstream shop floor management systems and beyond to corporate management systems.

One such application can be found within a petroleum processing plant. Many of these systems are still manually monitored and sensor-generated alarms are passed on to responders in the form of a phone call or radio communication. They were designed at a time when data management and dataflow solutions were still in their infancy. Because of this, alarms delayed in their delivery to responders and many of them can be inaccurate or may be false. This may result in frequent and unnecessary maintenance, costly production stoppage or, in rare cases, catastrophic failure. In this environment, the ability to make proactive decisions is nearly impossible. Because of the lack of real-time aggregated data system, operators may wait for scheduled batch updates before reconfiguration decisions can be made. This may result in postponing tasks that could have increased the overall production.


Complete accuracy of events and alarms allows the operating system to be much less prone to unnecessary maintenance and production stoppage. Real-time decision-making capabilities allow system operators to optimize total production and reduce risk by reducing the reliance on human capital. Business managers will have up-to-date information regarding the state of the system and accurate and reliable data for reporting and trend analysis.

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